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Hi, I am Anupama Singh, like everyone else I too play many roles in life. But the role which is my favorite is of a traveler. I love traveling and exploring different places. I love to try foods from different places and of different cuisines. And I always try to learn those recipes to cook later in my kitchen. So my love for travel and food brought me to point where I had to start my own blog site. And that gave birth to TRAVEL BROWNIES. I am not a full time traveler or a chef. But I always keep on exploring about different places on web with a dream to visit those places one day. I do hold a 9-5 desk job and do my daily household works myself along with traveling whenever I can and also I write travel itineraries and recipes for the world. So basically I am one of the superwomen, we have in this world. I love to travel with my partner and with my friends group. I easily get along with people who love to travel and are passionate about food and travel. I don’t travel alone but that has never stopped me from mingling with local people of places I go. I intend to write about every place I have had a memory. I want my experiences to be shared and I want to make many underrated Indian tourist spots famous. This intention is aligned with my dream of seeing this world MORE GREEN, CLEAN and HEALTHY. Mission of Travel Brownies – To make every traveler and tourist aware of responsible travel, environment changes and helping those people in exploring new places with ease. Vision of Travel Brownies ­– To make this planet more clean and green and healthy by educating each and everyone I meet about how they can contribute to MOTHER EARTH in a positive manner.

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