Mar 21, 2019• by THR Travel Design LLC

Don't forget to have USPS hold your mail

If you have the benefit of having a friend, family member, or roommate collect your mail for you, while you are out of town, then feel free to skip this post and enjoy the others tips on this...

Jan 22, 2019• by trawickinternational

Invest In Travel Medical Insurance

Will you be traveling abroad this spring break or during the summer? Having travel insurance is imperative to take care of potentially costly expenses due to an unforeseen medical emergency....

Dec 5, 2018• by lifepilgrimage

Travelling with children to South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country full of the wonders of this vast African continent. From the spectacular wildlife parks to stunning scenery, it is a country not to be missed by any avid world...

Oct 5, 2018• sponsored by AirHelp

Claiming compensation for delayed flights

Have you ever been on a flight that was delayed or cancelled? Have you ever been “bumped” or denied boarding on a flight? If so, you could be entitled to airline compensation. Did you know...

Oct 2, 2018• by xim

Airlines asking to see your credit card at check-in

When buying plane tickets online using a credit card, keep in mind that some airlines will ask to see said credit card before checking-in at the airport. If you fail to show the card, boarding will...

Feb 27, 2018• by tommy7

Take your passport with you to book transport tickets

When buying bus, train or boat tickets at the counter, some countries require you to show your passport. It is not always the case, and it is more frequent with trains and boats than buses. Take...

Feb 23, 2018• by freddy

Official safety and security advice

Some countries have an official government website gathering the most recent safety and security advice for their citizens travelling abroad (but hey, everyone can look). They also contain other...

Feb 17, 2018• by Clem

How to receive mail anywhere in the world

If you need to get mail (or a package) while abroad it can get quite complicated. Fortunately, there is a nice little trick for that, it's called "poste restante". Poste restante (French term...

Feb 16, 2018• by Luis78

Take a picture of your tickets and receipts!

Always take a second to take a picture of every ticket, ATM receipt, invoice, etc, when travelling (and even when not travelling after all). It can turn very useful if: You lose your ticket You...

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