Can Tourists Still Visit Uganda?

By autorentaluganda | Jun 22, 2021
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Uganda is under a second wave of lock down given the recent covid-19 increased number of cases. the ministry of health has advised that people should stay home to cub down the spread of the virus to other persons.

However the president of Uganda recently on the national update said that travel sectors should not be touched at all and they should continue working. They tourism is still working and you do not need to worry or cancel your self drive Uganda safaris however their are a few things to note down before you board that plane.

Covid-19 travel updates in uganda

Covid-19 travel updates in uganda

1. A negative PCR COVID-19 test at the entry of Uganda not letter than 5 days back
2. If coming from the category two countries its a must to re do your PCR COVID-19 test even if you have been fully vaccinated.
3. Category 2 countries include Dubai, USA, UK, Sudan, South Africa, Turkey, Tanzania and Ethiopia
4. Note that all passengers originating from India (Category 1 country) are currently banned from entering Uganda, regardless of the route of travel. Any traveler who was present in, or traveled through, India in the 14 days preceding their arrival in Uganda will not be allowed entry.

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