Oct 22, 2018• by Marco Cuneo

The inevitable places in Venice

Librairia acqua alta We say of her that it is the most beautiful bookshop of the world. And that seems rather deserved. Situated in Venice, she was thought in the spirit and the charisma of the...

Sep 9, 2018• by Passione Italiana

Top tips for travelling in Italy

Beyond the headline sights, what’s a trip to Italy really like? What’s the best way of getting around? What’s the local etiquette? What should you wear? Here are some practical tips to help you...

Sep 4, 2018• by Passione Italiana

Italian basic holiday phrases

Italian basic holiday phrases Buongiorno — Good morning Buona sera — Good evening Buona notte — Good night Ciao — Hi/Hello Grazie — Thank you Prego — You’re welcome Scusa — Excuse...

Aug 29, 2018• by learnitalian4travel

Foundations of Italian pronunciation

On the first day of Italian 1 this semester at Butte Community College, I asked my students why they were studying Italian because I'm always curious about their primary motivation before we begin. ...

Aug 23, 2018• by Ryder-Walker Alpine Adventures

The Top 5 Aeolian Islands You Must Visit

No trip to Sicily is complete without an adventure to the Aeolian Islands. Take a trip through time to our five favorite Aeolian Islands: Stromboli 1) Stromboli The island of Stromboli is home to...

5 Best Foods in the Italian Dolomites

No region of Europe offers dining opportunities quite like the Italian Dolomites. Whether it is in one of many michelin star rated restaurants, local farm to table restaurants, or in the alpine...

Jul 15, 2018• by xim

Phrasebook: Basic Italian for travel

These are a few key words and expressions that have come in very handy while travelling. Try to learn these -or the ones that most apply to your situation- when visiting Italy. The locals will...

Jun 8, 2018• by ImmaginaViaggiare

1 Important Thing You Should Know Before Traveling to Italy

Italy is full of beautiful cities and charming villages that you don't underestimate! In 2001, at the initiative of the tourism council of the National Association of Italian Municipalities...

Mar 31, 2018• by Clem

Compensation for delays with Thello trains

If you booked a Thello train between France and Italy, you are entitled to compensation if your train is more than 1 hour late, according to the following table: Fill this form to get reimbursed...

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