Apr 15, 2019• by Clem

Notre Dame de Paris in flames

On April 15th 2019, Notre Dame de Paris, the most visited European monument (13 millions visitors each year), has been partially destroyed by a fire of unknown origin. As of today a security...

Mar 28, 2019• by Clem

WOW air is shutting down: reimbursements and alternatives

After 8 years of service, the Icelandic carrier WOW air is shutting down all operations as of today, March 28 2019. The company essentially announced that passengers won't be reimbursed. If you...

Dec 11, 2018• by IndeBo

UAE underwater train to explore the ravishing city of Mumbai

Could you imagine a futuristic, sleek underwater train that brought you from the UAE to the coasts of the Indian city of Mumbai in just about a couple hours? Well, guess what – The future...

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