Mar 28, 2018• by liu-tw

A guide to Taroko National Park

Taroko Gorge is a National Park located on the Eastern Coast of Taiwan, around 150km away from Taipei. The mountains are crossed by the Liwu River, forming a 20km-long canyon. Where to...

Mar 22, 2018• by liu-tw

Taiwan "no seat" train tickets

In Taiwan, even when TRA trains are full, you can buy a "no seat" ticket. It costs 20% less than the regular price. It means that you have no guaranteed seat, but if a place is free you can sit...

Mar 19, 2018• by liu-tw

Finding accommodation in Kenting Street

If you go in person to a few hotels in Kenting Street to get information about their rooms, you'll find better prices than what you can find online. So, unless you are visiting at a very busy...

Mar 19, 2018• by liu-tw

Taiwan's Kenting National Park without a car or a scooter

Most guidebooks or blog posts about Kenting National Park will tell you to rent a scooter, but you can actually do without. That leaves you with two main options: walking and taking the bus. All this...

May 10, 2018• by liu-tw

ATM fees in Taiwan

Most of ATMs in Taiwan don't have fees for international withdrawals, including Visa / Mastercard. However, some ATMs might make you pay a fee (usually NTD 100). So unless you're in a big hurry,...

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