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    Dec 5, 2020• by clairepinstravel

    How to Get from Taipei to Tamsui on The MRT

    If you are visiting Taipei for a few days, you are probably considering taking a day trip outside the city and Tamsui is the perfect destination for anyone travelling on a budget because you can...

    Feb 12, 2019• by Spiritual_Travels

    Eat at a local, not touristy night market in Taipei

    Taipei is internationally renowned for its night markets. Some of the country's best food can be enjoyed on the streets, and greater Taipei alone has more than 30 major night markets and countless...

    Mar 28, 2018• by liu_tw

    A guide to Taroko National Park

    Taroko Gorge is a National Park located on the Eastern Coast of Taiwan, around 150km away from Taipei. The mountains are crossed by the Liwu River, forming a 20km-long canyon. The easiest way...

    Mar 22, 2018• by liu_tw

    Taiwan "no seat" train tickets

    In Taiwan, even when TRA trains are full, you can buy a "no seat" ticket. It costs 20% less than the regular price. It means that you have no guaranteed seat, but if a place is free you can sit...

    Mar 19, 2018• by liu_tw

    Finding accommodation in Kenting Street

    If you go in person to a few hotels in Kenting Street to get information about their rooms, you'll find better prices than what you can find online. So, unless you are visiting at a very busy...

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