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By lamiafinestrasulmondo | Sep 30, 2020
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Today's journey takes us back around one of the most beautiful cities in the world, no less than my favourite city... Rome!

My goal for the weekend was to reach places I still had not discovered. I wanted to live like a real Roman, walking around neighbourhoods like Testaccio or Trastevere and try the best restaurants in the city!

Of course we went also in the most characteristic places, such as Piazza di Spagna (Spain Square), Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain), Altare della Patria (Althar of the Fatherland), Trinità dei Monti and so on, but our journey was marked my so much more. The trip began with a visit inside the Colosseum (Colosseo, in Italian) and then we walked through the Roman Forum (Fori Romani). Infact, if you buy the ticket to the Colosseum, you'll have a free entry also in the Roman Forum. We were amazed by the vastness with which Romans built their temples. They are absolutely huge and marvelous! Little tip: do not walk alone around the Roman Forum. Follow a guide if you do not wanna lose yourself and lose your time wandering around looking for an exit. (Yes, I speak to myself).

Our next stop was Trastevere: one of the most famous neighbourhood for its nightlife. This area surprised us a lot, because it didn't look like Rome. The atmosphere is completely different and unique. Trastevere is full of beautiful and colorful graffitis that depict some Roman icons, like Sora Lella (one of the most famous and funniest actors around 70's) with her motto "Annamo bene" ("It will be okay"). In Trastevere you will find a lot of clubs and bars where you can taste a tipical Italian "aperitivo". The aperitivo is absolutely a must for us Italians and it consists in a drink, usually a glass of wine or a Spritz, made with Aperol and white wine, and something to eat like chips, mini sandwiches or nuts. Then, we decided to take a coffee in a bar: "Il Caffè della Scala", characterized by its tables that overlook Via della Scala (Scala Street) and by its typical homemade Roman atmosphere. Infact, the bar owner was so fun and he talked with his typical Roman accent that I love. He suggested that the best way to visit Trastevere is walking around the streets, while enjoying the most beautiful buildings like Piazza Trilussa (Trilussa Square) and the Basilica di Santa Cecilia (Saint Cecilia's Cathedral). And I completely agree with him!

A typical street in Trastevere

A typical street in Trastevere

Sora Lella's graffiti

Sora Lella's graffiti

Our Saturday night ended in "La Rinascente", a big mall where you can find brands like Gucci, Versace, Armani, Prada and so on. We weren't shopping (obviously), but we ate there. The restaurant is called "Gino Sorbillo" and he's one of the most famous pizza chef in Naples and also around Italy. Believe me guys, I'm Italian but I have never eaten a pizza this tasteful! It seemed to be in Naples, which is the birthplace of pizza! The ingredients were 100% italian and of the highest quality. Also the price was affordable. Absolutely recommended!

Pizza from "Gino Sorbillo"

The day after, we went to Castel Sant'Angelo and of course Città del Vaticano (Saint Angel's Castle and Vatican City), where we witnessed the papal Angelus! It has been an absolutely unexpected, but unforgettable experience! Vatican city is really wonderful and we didn't expect to attend to the Angelus!

Later we had lunch in of the most famous restaurants in Rome, in Testaccio neighbourhood. The restaurant which I'm talking about is "Lo Scopettaro" and it toke part in an Italian show that deals with food. My travelling companion (nothing less than my boyfriend) and I love carbonara, which is made with eggs and guanciale (the pork's cheek) and not bacon, my dear American friends! I ordered a plate of "tonnarelli", kind of a bigger spaghetto, and my boyfriend toke a plate of "mezze maniche", that it looks like a "half maccherone". Guys, it was the most breathtaking carbonara ever! It was so tasteful and absolutely amazing! No words needed. I think that "Lo Scopettaro" deserved to win the show that I mentioned before!

Carbonara from "Lo Scopettaro"

In the afternoon, we decided to take a walk in "Giardino degli Aranci", where you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view above Rome and you will find the Cupola di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Dome) right in front of you. Furthermore, there is a particular game of perspectives here. Infact, the closer you get to the dome, the smaller it will seem and viceversa. The further you get, and the doom will appear larger, majestic and powerful. Another unfailing gem is doubtless the keyhole of Villa del Priorato di Malta, through which you will admire the Saint Peter's Dome. The villa is right next to the Giardino degli Aranci, and it will be pretty easy to identify due to the tourists queuing. Once you will get in front of the keyhole, you just need to look inside and admire the breathtaking view: the Saint Peter's Dome right inside the keyhole!

Giardino degli Aranci

Giardino degli Aranci

We left Rome with our hearts full of feelings and happiness and our eyes full of beauty. I absolutely love this city and I swore to move there one day! It would be such a dream! I've been to Rome twice before, but I've never visited these places, so I'm so happy to share them with you! Hope you liked it!

I decided to leave you, guys, the places where we ate and the hotel where we spent the night with my personal rating. Let me know what you think! Cheers!

Where we ate:

  • 1. Caffè della Scala, Via della Scala 4, Trastevere. Voto: ★★★✩✩
  • 2. Lo Scopettaro, Lungotevere Testaccio 7, Testaccio. Voto: ★★★★★
  • 3. Gino Sorbillo, La Rinascente, Piazza Augusto Imperatore 46. Voto: ★★★★★

Where we spent the night:

  • Abitart Hotel, Via Pellegrino Matteucci 10, Quartiere Ostiense. Voto: ★★★✩✩

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