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By Tufi_Guesthouse | Dec 27, 2020
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Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a small island country located in Pacific, it consist of four regions that is Southern Region, Momase Region, New Guinea islands Region and the Highlands Region all these regions make up 23 provinces. PNG has population of approximately 8.78 million, Papua New Guineans have 800 plus cultures, traditions and languages including English language, and Pidgin which is the broken English that is commonly spoken among the locals.

Two Air lines that operate within PNG and overseas are; Air Niugini and PNG Airlines that transports locals to other provinces and tourist traveling from other countries to visit PNG.

PNG is one of the best tourist destinations, if you are wondering how PNG looks like, than let me describe it for you; once you get to the specific province, people will welcome you with smile on their faces. The hospitality, the food are great and the people are very friendly. The activities that each hotels, resorts and guesthouse provide varies, it depends on which province you will be visiting, some provinces are in the highlands and their weather is different from provinces that are located on the coastal islands.
It is better to travel yourself to experience the beauty of Papua New Guinea.

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Written by Tufi_Guesthouse
Tufi Guesthouse is locally owned. Tufi is a district located in the Northern Province of Papua New Guinea, it is known for its fjords and beautiful coastal islands. This fjord were formed through the ancient lava that shapes like a claw of a dragon and the spreads through the Solomon sea. Tufi Guesthouse provide the following Activities: * tracking, bird watching, snorkelling, canoeing, visiting waterfalls, village tour, tradition dance upon request and more.

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