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By Wanderings | Oct 27, 2019
Vietnam Mekong Food

Mekong River

Mekong River

Vietnam is a place known for its Mekong River that gives life to its agricultural lands, particularly for rice. Vietnam, like Thailand, is a great supplier of rice in Asia, because of their good production and irrigation which comes from the Mekong River. Don’t forget to have a boat tour in this important river in Vietnam.

The Mekong River is also home to several aquatic species made available in Vietnamese restaurants.

If you are a seafood lover, Vietnam is a place to go. We went to Ruby Garden where we were served different, yummy, seafoods, and other meals as well. You can choose the aquatic species from their aquarium.

Near the Mekong River is a bee farm where you can taste honey straight from the bee frame.

You can dip your finger in there and taste the honey. You can also buy honey from them, as well as Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is the food given to Queen Bees that’s why their bodies are different from the worker bees, and it is known for its nutritional value and as a beauty product.

I bought a one bottle of honey from here, around $6.

We also had Saigon cooking class by Hoatuc, also a restaurant located in Ho Chi Minh.

We went to the wet market first to buy the ingredients for the cooking class.

Classes begin:

Vietnam is also a place of coconuts where they turn these into candies, oil, soap and other products.
What I love about Vietnam is that coffee is everywhere. You can have it in small stores, big establishments, everywhere. It is important to take note that Vietnam used to be a very very poor country due to the Vietnam War that happened but they were able to rise because of their coffee products which they export.

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