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During your journey, you will truly relish this tour around the Old Continent: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling... the various countries of Europe. During this whistle-stop sightseeing tour of 350 models representing the most beautiful European sites and monuments, you will really feel as if you were in the throbbing heart of over 90 European cities. A stop at the Grand Place of Brussels, before carrying on the walk to the Eiffel Tower, the Seville Arena or even the Acropolis... as real as it possibly could.

Mini-Europe Park with Brussel's Atomium in the background

Mini-Europe Park with Brussel's Atomium in the background

The charm of each site comes not only from the beauty and perfection of the models, but also from the atmosphere created by its surroundings: hundreds of figurines, boat sirens and trains passing by at high speed. Everyone looks at their watch when Big Ben strikes, smiles of amazement appear on the visitors faces when the lava of Mount Vesuvius erupts... Everyone gets caught up in the atmosphere and it is great fun triggering the action at the touch of a pushbutton (you can even bring down the Berlin Wall for posterity) or having their photographs taken as a British guardsman.

Paris Sacré-Cœur miniature, in the France area

Paris Sacré-Cœur miniature, in the France area

An interactive Park...

Traveling is fun, but being part of the journey is even more fun. This is especially true for children and for adults whom are just grown-up children.

Alongside monuments you often find pushbuttons with surprising results. You will have fun activating them. You can hear the national anthem, or in Finland you can make a Sauna enthusiast dive into the lake, operate the Montmartre cable-car and bring down the Berlin wall.

...with high technology

Each of small trucks featured in the park are particularly designed and created for Mini-Europe. They perform well due to the newest technologies used to guide them along their specific and well-thought-out routes.

You will see trains, boats and trucks passing by. All of these look so simple to assemble, just like toys. But appearances can be misleading. What seems so simple at first sight, is in reality a unique piece of technology, a combination of fine mechanics and extremely well-designed electronics.

Spirit of Europe

Spirit of Europe is a covered space located at the end of the visit of the Park (included in Mini-Europe ticket) where animations, games and quizzes will allow you to test, enrich or improve your knowledge of the 28 member countries of the European Union.

1. Which is the most widely spoken language in the European Union?
2. Which is the most Western point of the European Union?
3. In which country of the European Union does it rain the most?
4. Where does the word "Europe" come from?
5. What is the biggest country in Europe?

This whole project, which is unique in its entertaining and educational approach, will, like Mini-Europe, be continuously developed.

(Answers: 1. German; 2. Guadeloupe; 3. Italy : 95cm of water / year; 4. Ereb = dark, in western in Phoenician; 5. France)


Mini-Europe is located at Bruparck B-1020 Brussels (Laken).

Getting there:

By coach

Brussels ring road – exit 8 "Heysel – Wemmel" follow the "Bruparck" arrows. Cash desk and entrance are located in the Village.

By metro

Line 6 (bleu line) to Roi Baudouin, Heysel station.

By tramway

Lines 7 and 51, Heysel station.

By bus

Lines 84, 88, N17, N18 (night), Heysel station.

By car

Parkings to reach Mini-Europe (Bruparck) and around Atomium and access for disabled. Info GPS:

* Eeuwfeestlaan / Boulevard de Centenaire
* Avenue du Football / Voetballaan
* Avenue de l’Impératrice Charlotte / Keizerin Charlottelaan (entrance via Parking "T") B-1020 Brussels (Laken-Laeken)

Parking fee: €6 / day.

"T" and "B" parking lots are located 5 minutes on foot from the park entrance. See the parkings on the accessibility map below.

By train

Midi station / Zuidstation / Southstation, then metro line 6 "Roi Baudouin", get out at Heysel station.


Wheelchair accessibility

Mini-Europe is totally accessible to wheelchair users.
Note that the passage above the rails between Boulevard du Centenaire and the Kinepolis Theatre, outside Mini-Europe, cannot be taken by wheelchair users.

Mini-Europe wheelchair accessibility map

Mini-Europe wheelchair accessibility map

Other accessibility information

Guide dogs and service animals are allowed.


* Open every day (also during public holidays) from 10am until 6pm (last entrance 5pm).
* Extended opening hours in July and August : from 9:30am until 8pm (last entrance 7pm).
* Open every day during the opening season (2nd week of March until the 2nd week of January).
* Annual closure 2nd week of January until the first week of March.

You will need around 2 hours to visit Mini-Europe.

Entry fees

2018 season prices Children (under 12) Teens (12 to 18) Adults Seniors (65+)
Mini-Europe €11.50 €15.50 €15.50 €15.50
Mini-Europe + Océade €22.20 €28.20 €28.20 €27.80
Mini-Europe + Atomium (incl. Adam Museum) €18.00 €21.20 €27.50 €25.70
Mini-Europe + Atomium (incl. Adam Museum) + Océade €27.70 €32.80 €39.80 €37.90
Mini-Europe + Planetarium €14.80 €14.80 €18.90 €17.90
Mini-Europe + City Sightseeing 24h Hop on Hop off €21.00 €21.00 €34.50 €34.50

Children under 1m15 (4′ 11″) can enter for free.

Optional programs:

* Guided visit (2h00): €75 supplement for max. 25 people
* Europoly (2h): €75 supplement for max. 25 people
* Guided visit through Brussels : €135 / Coach for 3 hours
* Pedestrian tour in the European district: €135 / 25 people

Group prices can be found here.

Other things to note

* Dogs are allowed in the Village of Bruparck but not in Mini-Europe, Oceade and Kinepolis.
* There are no lockers in the Village of Bruparck.
* There are no ATMs in the Village of Bruparck but cards are accepted.


* Infoline: +32 (0)2/478.05.50
* Phone: +32 (0)2/474.13.13
* Fax: +32 (0)2/478.26.75
* E-mail:

Kinderdijk windmills, in the Netherlands area

Kinderdijk windmills, in the Netherlands area

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Located at the foot of the Atomium, MINI-EUROPE is the only park where you can have a whitlestop tour around Europe in a few shorthours. A truly unique voyage ! Stroll amid the typical ambiance of the most beautiful towns of the Old Continent.

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