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It is expected that many people will plan to visit Egypt. Egypt has a lot of amazing things to see, such as ancient temples, beautiful beaches, and great places to go scuba diving. Egypt is home to the Pyramids of Giza and many other interesting landmarks that are well worth seeing. Egypt has a long and exciting history and a wide range of cultural traditions that are worth looking into when you visit the country. When you go to Egypt, you don't have to look at the pyramids; there are also many other unique places and things to do. Keep reading the article with me while we are together.

What to do in Cairo?

Amazing top view of Cairo Nile River

Amazing top view of Cairo Nile River

1) Go to Memphis, which was the first capital of Egypt

During Egypt's Old Kingdom, Memphis was both the capital and a significant city.

Several Egyptian pharaohs lived in the city, with Tutankhamun being the most famous.

It was a significant hub until the second half of the first century A.D. when Christianity started to spread to the rest of the world.

Menes, the first king of Egypt, is thought to have started Memphis in Lower Egypt below the Nile Delta around 3000 B.C. Memphis was the first city in Egypt to be the capital.

Memphis was the capital of Egypt during the First Dynasty because it was in a good spot between two different parts of the country.

People come from around the world to visit the Saqqara Cemetery in Memphis. The myth says that Osiris eventually went to Hades and started working there as a judge of the dead.

2) You can see a great view of Cairo from the Saladin Citadel, so make sure to go there

This vast fortress can be seen on Muqattam Hill in Cairo, Egypt, close to the city's central business district.

It is famous for its cool breezes and beautiful views of the city below. Between 1176 and 1183, Salah al-Din, better known as Saladin, built defenses against the Crusaders.

From this spot, you can see Cairo and the City of the Dead, which used to be the Mamluk Sultans' cemetery but is now home to the city's homeless people.

At the base of the castle is the mosque of Sultan Hassan, which many people think is one of the most beautiful buildings built during the Mamluk era.

3) Try some of Egypt's traditional food.

Egypt's culture has changed over the centuries, and as a result, modern Egyptian food is a mix of many different cooking styles and methods.

To my shock, many things that make Mediterranean, Turkish, Greek, Lebanese, and Palestinian food unique can also be found in Egyptian food.

Egypt's main foods are bread, meat, vegetables, and fish.

After the bread is cooked, it can be filled with salads or sauces. White flour or whole wheat flour can be used to make the bread.

These are some of the most frequently ordered items:

  • Indian food called "kochari" comprises brown macaroni, lentils, fried onion, and tomato sauce.
  • Baba Ganush is made by mashing eggplant, adding oil, vinegar, and tahini, and then adding salt and pepper to taste.
  • Dolma is a delicious food made by putting different things inside vine leaves.
  • The main thing in hummus is mashed chickpeas spiced with tahini.
  • Falafel is often made with chickpeas, but the Egyptian version of the dish is made with broad beans.



4) Khan El Khalili will help you make an impression that will last

Khan El-Khalili, which is in an older part of Cairo and is sometimes called the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, has a busy market.

The huge souk is in the middle of a busy commercial area and is home to several historically significant sites that attract many tourists.

Along the market's maze of tiny alleyways are hundreds of smaller tents selling a wide range of handicrafts, from the simplest to the most complicated.

The most variety may be found in the scents, foods, spices, jewelry, and souvenirs, all of which have pharaonic themes and just about anything else you can think of.

Some of the stores are also the owners' workshops, making various small things.

This bazaar, run by the Mamluks until the Portuguese and Spanish found other ways, is exciting and shows what Egypt is like today. The Portuguese and Spanish were the first ones to find it.

5) In a felucca, you can take a relaxing trip down the Nile

Taking a felucca out on the Nile and sailing along its waters has been done for a long time. This is a great way to see what the ancient land of the Egyptian pharaohs looked like.

Several cities along the Nile, such as Aswan and Luxor, can be used as starting points for cruises. There are also more considerable time limits, like an hour or even a day.

The Felucca is a type of sailboat that can only move forward with the help of the wind, and it does not have any other engines.

To get from one place to another, they use big sails and zigzag in and out of the river's channels to take advantage of the wind and currents. When the winds are calm, it takes longer to get somewhere, and when they are strong, it takes less time.

6) Get to the Great Egyptian Museum before most other people

The Great Egyptian Museum, sometimes called the Giza Museum, will open in the Giza Necropolis in the middle of 2021. It will be the biggest museum in the world that only has Egyptian art on display. The floor plan of the building looks like a triangle with a point cut off.

The Tutankhamun gallery gets more attention than the other galleries because it has more restored and original masterpieces than the others.

7) Get a good look at Cairo from the top of the tower

It is a beautiful skyscraper that goes up sixteen stories high. At this fantastic spot, you can see breathtaking views of the Nile, Cairo's neighborhoods, the Citadel of Saladin, the site where the American University in Cairo used to be, the Qaser Bridge, the Nile, the Al Azhar Mosque, and even the pyramids.

On the roof, guests can see a beautiful view using free telescopes.

In the tower's rotating café, customers can buy a wide range of drinks and snacks to fill their bellies.

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