Top 10 Things to See & Do in Santorini

By The_Hellenic_Odyssey | Jan 10, 2020
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Here is our list of Santorini top 10 things to see & do & must visit attractions

Santorini is one of the most magical Greek Islands to visit

Often, travellers wonder if they should visit this majestic island as they are concerned about it being overly busy. Oia is the town that tourists visit most as it is here they will to see the iconic sunset. For this reason, Oia does get busy during sunset time. Having visited Santorini island 5 times and all of those times in the peak season, we have never found that the amount of visitors deters from travellers’ ability to enjoy its beauty.

There is no other place on earth that will provide the beauty of the Santorini caldera. We feel everyone must add Santorini to their to do list when island hopping through the Greek Islands. Here is our Santorini Travel Guide, including some must see and must do activities in Santorini.

Top things to see and do in Santorini

  • For active people, do the walk from Oia to Fira, takes a few hours.
  • Visit a winery, one the most known being Santo Wines
  • Spend the day strolling through the main town of Fira
  • Swim at the Red beach
  • Stay in Oia on the caldera, and for a super luxurious stay, choose Andronis Luxury or Andronis Boutique Hotel or Mystique and eat dinner at Lycabettus restaurant Oia
  • Have a seafood lunch at Katina’s Fish Tavern in Ammoudi Bay for the best octopus & calamari you’ll ever taste, then swim at the back beach located just away from port
  • Venture out on the full day boat trip to the volcano
  • Hire a ATV – Quad bike and explore the island in a fun way
  • Enjoy dessert at Melenio Pastry Shop and choose a table on the balcony
  • Enjoy after dinner cocktails at the Canaves rooftop bar

More things to do in Santorini

  • Visit hot springs on a cruise and see the volcano
  • Take a private tour of the island
  • Santorini sightseeing Oia sunset bus tour

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