Snorkeling experience in Crete, Greece

When you are on a summer holiday, you think about sun, sea, cocktails and yes... snorkeling! When you are in Crete, Greece you just have to do a snorkeling trip!

We stayed in Chania, a big city on the island of Crete. We decided to choose the boat trip of 'Captain Nick'. A really friendly man that took us to an island nearby Chania. The boat stopped there, Nick brought all our stuff to the beach, we got high quality snorkeling material and flippers to swim, and the snorkeling fun could start!

We stayed on the island for 2,5 hours (we believe it was longer than that) and we could snorkel around the island alone or with the group (or both). Nick snorkeled with us and showed us some beautiful fish, a bomb that was still hidden in the sand on the bottom of the sea and many other beautiful things! He even caught a squid and we could touch it or have it around our arms (It was the most disgusting moment of Britt's life). Ief thought the squid was amazing, well... not very long...

Of course it wasn't the same squid!

We really recommend to take a boat trip and a snorkeling experience with Captain Nick. He is a very friendly man that likes to talk and likes to explain everything about the sea. In the price of the trip, we also got two drinks per person! The whole experience was only โ‚ฌ20 euros for two people, so hell yeah! Definitely worth to check out!

(Britt could even sail the boat, luckily we arrived safely in the harbour again).

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