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Passionate home cook and traveller, founder of The Hellenic Odyssey, Kelly. With a proud Greek heritage, we are driven by philotimo (a Greek word translating to “filos” meaning friend and “timi” meaning honour). For us, it simply means to do the right thing and to give to others. As the Greece Food and Travel Experts, our aim is to expose you to the parts of Greece which are off the beaten track. We focus mainly on Crete; with its authentic food, hospitable locals and rich culture. We see it as our duty to add value, meaning and connection to the events and experiences that we offer you and a duty to ourselves to keep our heritage alive for future generations. Whether it is through our online content, our walking food tours, our Greek food cooking classes, our private Greek cooking classes or our Crete small group travel tours, we want you to experience a truly extraordinary Hellenic Odyssey.

Tours and activities by The_Hellenic_Odyssey

Chania Walking Food Tour in Crete

Join Kelly from The Hellenic Odyssey for a guided walking tour of Chania in Crete. Chania is known for its people, its hospitality and its produce. Join this tour to learn about the Cretan food & culture as a local not a tourist. Explore all of your senses while you experience this immersive tour on foot.

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