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    Travel tips

    Jan 12, 2021• by foodandtravel

    Road trip in the “Greek Alps” : Elati, Pertouli and beyond

    Autumn and Winter are the perfect time for an excursion to the Greek mountains. The colours are wonderful and nature is preparing for the arrival of winter. In this article we are going to make...

    Jan 6, 2021• by foodandtravel

    12 Favourite Taverns All Over Greece

    All over Greece you could find unaccountable taverns. Some of them really stand out and they could be the sole reason to visit a place. It is hard to say which of them are the best, because it...

    Jan 4, 2021• by foodandtravel

    The Best Galaktoboureko in Athens

    Galaktoboureko is a traditional syropy sweet dessert made in a baking pan consisting mainly of phyllo and custard cream. There are various recipes and ways to prepare it but the cream usually...

    Dec 31, 2020• by foodandtravel

    10 Places in Athens for A Perfect Coffee Break

    A cup of coffee is a serious issue in Athens. Athenians love coffee. You will see them walking around with a coffee in their hand every hour of the day. There are canteens, cafes, coffee houses...

    Dec 22, 2020• by foodandtravel

    Budget Places for Delicious Meat in Athens

    If you love meat, to find a good place to eat it, is not always an easy task and sometimes it could be very expensive. In this article we are going to suggest 6 places around the city where you can...

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    Where to stay

    Your Home in Athens

    $30 - $75 / 2 
    Athens, Greece

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    What to do

    The Richtis Waterfall and North Coast day trip

    From $99 / person
    Crete, Greece
    7 hours

    More details 

    Sarakina Gorge & South Coast day tour

    From $99 / person
    Crete, Greece
    7 hours

    More details 

    Santorini Unique Experience - Road Tour

    From $120 / person
    Santorini, Greece
    5 hours

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    Zeus Cave & Lassithi Plateau day trip

    From $99 / person
    Crete, Greece
    7 hours

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