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    Nov 24, 2020• by NatachaTravelBlogger

    4 Stunning Beaches to Visit in East Crete

    Crete and Greece, in general, are famous for their amazing summers weather, golden sand and azure seas. This is my personal favourite beaches of east Crete, some of them very well know and touristic...

    Jul 25, 2020• by wasatch

    Not the Usual Greek Island Cruise

    Roughly speaking, ocean cruises in the Mediterranean are divided into western Mediterranean cruises and Eastern Mediterranean cruises. The classic Greek Islands cruise are sort of a subset of...

    Aug 30, 2019• by Stefiontheroad

    Crete: 5 Unforgettabile Things to Live

    Hi everybody! If you are asking to yourself what can I visit in Crete I suggest you to take a look at these 5 unforgettabile things to see in the west coast of Crete! Enjoy your reading! This place...

    Feb 8, 2019• by GlobeWatchers

    5 reasons why you should visit Crete in Greece

    There are many reasons to visit the beautiful Crete in Greece, we will list the 5 most important ones down here: 1) The most important reason is (ofcourse) THE GREEK FOOD. Think about Tzatziki...

    Jan 27, 2019• by GlobeWatchers

    Snorkeling experience in Crete, Greece

    When you are on a summer holiday, you think about sun, sea, cocktails and yes... snorkeling! When you are in Crete, Greece you just have to do a snorkeling trip! We stayed in Chania, a big...

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