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By caleotravel | Jul 8, 2020
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Living in Miami might sound like a dream to everyone, and this is exactly why I decided to start this blog with this very city, because I spent a year there. I can’t hide I fell in love with the so-called Capital of Latin America, and I think what made it unique is indeed its international vibe and Latin culture.

Miami is the city of beautiful beaches, incredible night life and the place where everyone can express himself in any way he wants. What’s so perfect about Miami is the fact that you can have literally the life that you want there; in fact, in the city you will find business people in a suit, girls in bikini on vacation for their spring break and artists who are just trying to find some inspiration in Wynwood. Driving from Miami downtown to Miami Beach might seem like a complete change of cities, but, believe it or not, you only drive 20 minutes across the bridge.

As a tourist, you might not know that Miami is actually a pretty big city and that it is divided into 4 main areas:

  • Downtown Miami (Brickell)
  • Miami Beach
  • South Miami
  • North Miami

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is where the fun meets the serious and where the business center of the city is located.

1. Brickell City Center

Along with the offices, it is impossible not to come across the magnificent project of Brickell City Center, which, as of today, is home to a cinema, some restaurants and a variety of stores. My personal favorite restaurant is called Tacology which is a Mexican restaurant offering tacos, ceviches and cocktails together with a view from the top of the mall.

2. Miami Heat Game or Miami Dolphins Game

If you are not a fan of shopping, then you can head to the AmericanAirlines Arena and catch a Miami Heat game which, for who doesn’t know, is Miami’s professional basketball team. Alternatively, you can head down to he Hard Rock Stadium, and assist to a game of the Miami Dolphins, the professional football team.

3. Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is an urban park in Downtown Miami, next to Biscayne Bay and surrounded by big buildings. Bayfront Park is most known for hosting the yearly event Ultra Music Festival, which this year was unfortunately canceled due to the COVID circumstances.

4. Miami Design District

If you are a shopping lover like me, then the Miami Design District is the place for you! Full of luxury stores and cute cafes, it will make you feel in a movie just by walking down its streets. The District is full of sleek modern architecture, and even the insides of the stores look like an art exposition. The best part of it? The Dior Café! This little pop café opened on top of the Dior Store in the Design District opened as a Pop-Up Café, but does not seem to be going away. Serving Dior’s cappuccino and croissants, this place is perfect for all the Instagram fanatics like me! :)

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is considered to be the “fun” part of Miami, where the beach and the bars and restaurants meet. The long Beach is accompanied by the famous Ocean Drive, the street where all the fun happens, especially on weekends.

1. Ocean Drive

If you decide to stay at a hotel in Miami Beach, then you will probably find yourself automatically on Ocean Drive, but I do recommend walking down the street at least once during your stay. Just as an information, Ocean Drive starts at the Southernmost end of Miami Beach, and continues all the way up to Lincoln Road, creating a long street of bars and restaurants which always get filled of people, especially on the weekends.

A famous attraction on Ocean Drive is Villa Casa Casuarina At The Former Versace Mansion, which is the place where Gianni Versace lived his last years and got killed. Now, the mansion is home to a beautiful boutique hotel (which is probably out of a lot of people’s budget range, but I would recommend going and check it out from the outside).

2. South Beach

South Beach isn’t an attraction, but mostly an area of Miami Beach, but it is worth mentioning it thanks to its famous nightlife. If you are over 21, then you might want to head this way during your nights in Miami, trying out some of Miami’s best clubs: Story, LIV or Wall, among many others. Restaurants like Baoli or Bagatelle are also a must for Miamians, serving food, drinks and lively music all night long. If you are not 21 yet, then don’t worry, South Beach has also a beautiful beach for you where you can tan and swim throughout your stay.

3. Lincoln Road

Another place for shopping lovers is definitely Lincoln Road. Positioned at the end of Ocean Drive in South Beach, Lincoln Road takes the form of a real outdoor mall. Unlike Brickell City Center or Miami Design District, here you will be able to find any store you can probably think of, alongside some cute bars and restaurants.

4. Wynwood

Finally, if you are an art person, or even if you are not, Wynwood needs to be one of your stops during your Miami stay. During my year in Miami, I don’t even know how many times I have been to Wynwood, but believe me if I say that, every time I was discovering something new. Firstly, Wynwood Walls is a cool little exposition featuring huge and colorful street murals by artists coming from all over the world. Another must in Wynwood is the Wynwood Marketplace, full of little markets selling the most exotic foods, drinks, art, music, and even clothes and accessories! Other than this, you will find your way around Wynwood, where there are literally stores for anyone’s likes, so make sure you give it a try when in Miami.

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