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By Adventure_Junkie | Aug 5, 2020
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India’s Northeastern region has a long and glorious history. The natural beauty of this grandeur destination is unmatched and unspoiled by a human activity where you can find peace. And if you are looking for a dazzling getaway then feed your wanderlust with the most perfect astonishing state in northeast India i.e, Nagaland which will present all the majestic wonder to the eyes and one of a seven sisters state and has the most epic location.

This extremely excellent state has much to offer from outlandish scenes surrounded by blue mountains, green woods to staggering view from the cliffs. The vision increases as the morning fog delicately turn over the slope and towns making the marvelous land all the more charming. Nature is pleased with simplicity and Nagaland is the ultimate beauty to reckon with. Its richness and authenticity will make this place a worth visit. The history of Nagaland says a lot about their brave warriors, traditional heroes, and hunters. Moreover, Nagas have a special wing in the Great Indian Army known as the Naga Regiment.

Naga is a home to various indigenous tribes which has their own most celebrated cultural identity. Their richness would be visible from their unique styling whether it’s their brilliant outfits, jewelry, or headgear.

Everything you should know about Nagaland.
Nagaland, is a bright spot to capture memories and take back home. The most attractive places to visit in Nagaland are:

1. Kohima

This place has something different, its ethereal surrounding and unmatched beauty is jaw-dropping which presents the ultimate pleasure to the soul.
October to May tends to be the best time to visit Kohima.

Each tribe in Nagaland has its different festivals. The most important and premier festival of Nagaland is the Hornbill festival which is celebrated in Kohima. A social event exhibiting the way of life of various Naga Tribes and celebrate each other’s tradition with enthusiasm and passion.

Nagaland has numerous spots to offer to nature darlings; Japfu Peak, Dzukou Valley, Shilloi Lake are a portion of the spots where one can discover nature in its abundance.

2. Japfu peak

Japfu Peak, a dazzling fascination in Nagaland, and rightly known as the ‘Switzerland of the East.’ The lavish greenery of the valley, combined with snow-clad mountains as the setting looks like it appears straight out of heaven.

The best to visit the Japfu peak is from the end of June till September.

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