Camping at The Great Wall of China During the Pandemic!

By AnnaLowthian | Oct 11, 2020
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The Great Wall of China camping trip

During the October National Week, I decided to escape Beijing and go camping at the great wall!

I found a group on WeChat which offer tours to foreigners in China. So I booked on the camping tour for only ¥400 (£45).

We left at 10am on Sunday 4th October. There was a whole bus full of internationals on this trip, some included families with children! We were on the bus for 2 hours until we arrived. We then were given a few hours of free time (to explore the wall) until it was time to meet for dinner.

At 4:30pm, we then all met up for dinner. You had the opportunity to pre order a rice dish or bring you own food. I pre ordered a vegetarian rice dish which was quite delicious!!

After dinner, we then picked up the camping equipment. We were given a sleeping bag, sleeping mat each and a two man tent (the tents were shared between two people).

We then hiked up the great wall to the camping spot! This was an interesting experience, my bag was super heavy!

Once we had made it to the top. We were able to set up the tent and place our belongings inside! It became quite windy quickly, which meant that putting up the tent was a little challenging.

Once the tents were up, we then watched the sunset over the Great Wall in the distance.What an opportunity this was!
Once it got dark, a few of us joined in with playing games on the wall. As well as drinking and getting to know each other.

5am I woke up in the morning, to watch the sunset. This experience was extraordinary!

We then had to pack up our belongings before heading back to drop off the camping equipment. Then we headed back to the bus for the 2 hour journey back to Beijing!

Overall this was such a fantastic opportunity I'm so glad to have taken part in such a wonderful planned trip!

If anyone is traveling in China (especially Beijing) I'd highly recommend you checking out Foreigners in China on WeChat!

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Written by Anna Lowthian
Hello. I'm Anna. Currently living in China! I'm from Bury, UK. I've previously lived in; Spain and Aberystwyth.

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