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We are Steven and Simone, two young and adventurous Dutch human beings who happened to fall in love with each other. Together we wander our planet with our camera, exploring new countries and meeting amazing people from different places and cultures. All to create everlasting memories. But while doing so we are much aware that it comes at an unfortunate cost for our environment. We both have been travelling a lot over the past ten years and we have seen many wonderful and exciting things. And we surely plan on seeing much more. That’s why we decided to change our course and travel as slow and green as possible from this moment on. Sharing stories, ideas and steps we take, towards a more responsible way of travelling with you. But there is more. As we set foot in New Zealand, our new home for the coming year, we are challenging ourselves to take zero flights on our long way (18.666KM) back home to the Netherlands in 2020. Instead, we are venturing into the world of travelling by foot, bicycle, motorbike, car, train and boat. All to raise awareness and to learn more about the impact of travel on our precious planet and to find out more about the responsible alternatives of transportation. Cheers, Steven & Simone The couple in row 51

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