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Jul 26, 2020• by fear_of_flying_travel

5 Great Train Trips from London

London is so amazing! You could stay in London forever and still not see everything it has to offer, but there's more to England than just London and it's worth checking out. If you have time...

Jul 25, 2020• by Apeacock

6 Things to Think About Before Visiting the Netherlands

Amsterdam alone experienced 17 million visitors last year. If you haven’t been to the city you are missing out. It is one of the most-visited cities in Europe. If you are a local, I am sorry. As a...

Jun 21, 2020• by malediviana

Day Trip from Milan to Lake Como (Including Costs)

Can you do a day trip from Milan to Lake Como? The short answer is, yes, you can. The long answer is, it depends. If you have the time, spend more than a day in Lake Como. However, if you...

Jun 18, 2020• by Onigiro

When is the Japan Rail Pass Worth it?

You have to buy the Japan Rail pass before traveling to Japan, either online or at your country tourism office retailers. Price varies according to duration (7, 14 or 21 days), and covered area...

Jun 13, 2020• by WanderSonder

One Month Backpacking Indonesia! From East Java to Bali

In May 2018, my two friends and I jumped right into our very first overseas journey. Our destination was Indonesia, specifically the islands of Java and Bali and we planned to stay for four...

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