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    Travel tips

    Oct 11, 2020• by Gap_yearlifestyle

    3 Days in Berlin

    As the weather in the UK starts to get a little colder and the dark mornings start to set in I'm spending more and more time reflecting on some of my Winter trips away and wishing I could be heading...

    Oct 5, 2020• by LaurentiuS

    Hamburg, Tag und Nacht (Day and Night)

    Here are some tips and tricks about Hamburg. Port city in Germany, perfect place to try some fresh fish from the market. Night life, high life, luxury and hipsters, all combine to form an original...

    Sep 29, 2020• by ABJ66

    Visa Options for Digital Nomads and Freelancers

    Endless travel often runs into a severe problem. An immigration official at the border is asking you why you are entering the country. Now, if you are a one week/country type of traveller, then a...

    Aug 21, 2020• by LeipzigFreeTours

    Top 5 Leipzig Bars and Cafes for Post Lockdown

    After a long time of social isolation and staying home, everybody is now looking forward for the first phase of bars and restaurants to reopen on Saturday. Here are my top 5 hidden gems of Leipzig...

    Aug 7, 2020• by LeipzigFreeTours

    Top 5 Free Things to Do in Leipzig

    There are plenty of free things to do in Leipzig, especially during the summer, and in this article, I will introduce some of my favorites. Always recommended is a stroll over...

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    Where to stay

    Jaeger's Munich

    $15 - $150 / 2 
    Munich, Germany

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    What to do

    Free Tour Leipzig English

    From $10 - $15 / person
    Leipzig, Germany
    2 hours

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