The Top 10 Things to Do in Berlin

By mattiberlin | Jan 4, 2024
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Are you heading to Berlin and wondering what to do? Here's a list of the top 10 things that you should not miss!

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate & Unter den Linden

Explore the iconic Brandenburg Gate, a historic symbol steeped in significance, marking moments from Napoleon's march to the city's division during the Cold War. It stands as a beacon of hope and unity since Germany's reunification, located amidst Unter den Linden, a bustling boulevard hosting notable attractions like the Berlin State Opera and the German Historical Museum.

Reichstag & Government Quarter

Delve into Berlin's political heart with the Reichstag, featuring its famous glass dome, offering insights into German parliament and its architecture. Surrounding it is the Government Quarter, home to key administrative buildings like the Chancellor's Office and the Federal Ministry of Finance, providing a compelling peek into modern German governance and history.

Museum Island

Museum Island

Museum Island

Immerse yourself in culture at Museum Island, a hub for five world-renowned museums, including the Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie. These institutions boast a diverse collection of art, antiquities, and historical artifacts, complemented by nearby attractions such as the Berliner Dom and the Humboldt Forum, creating a rich tapestry of cultural exploration in the heart of the city.

Charlottenburg Shopping

Experience the opulent charm of Charlottenburg, boasting the famous Kurfürstendamm, lined with luxury boutiques and chic cafes. At the Ku'damm's western end, find the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a poignant memorial post-World War II. Embrace KaDeWe, one of Europe's largest department stores, offering a blend of luxury brands and culinary delights, alongside the district's diverse range of smaller boutiques and markets.


Engage with Berlin's intricate past through solemn memorials like the Holocaust Memorial, a profound testament near the Brandenburg Gate, and sites like the Topography of Terror museum, offering deep insights into the city's wartime history. Explore other poignant reminders like the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park and the German-Russian Museum in Karlshorst, encapsulating the city's complex narrative.




Escape to the lush greenery of Tiergarten, Berlin's expansive parkland. Wander through its winding paths to discover cultural gems like the Berlin Zoo, the Berlin Philharmonic, and the Victory Column, each offering its own unique charm and experiences, catering to a spectrum of interests within a serene natural setting.

East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery

Berlin Wall

Witness fragments of history at the Berlin Wall remnants, notably the East Side Gallery, adorned with vibrant murals and graffiti, providing a vivid portrayal of the city's divided past. Explore Checkpoint Charlie, an iconic border crossing, and visit the Berlin Wall Memorial near Bernauer Strasse, encapsulating the era's significance.

Kiez Life

Experience the vibrant essence of Berlin's neighborhoods known as "kiezes." Dive into Kreuzberg's alternative scene, filled with diverse establishments, or stroll through the charming streets of Prenzlauer Berg, each district exuding its unique culture, hosting local markets, festivals, and an authentic Berlin experience.

Berlin Nightlife

Immerse yourself in Berlin's eclectic nightlife, catering to diverse tastes and ages. Enjoy relaxed evenings at renowned beer gardens like Prater Garten or Tiergartenquelle. Delve into the thriving live music scene offering everything from classical concerts at the Berlin Philharmonic to underground shows at venues like the legendary SO36 in Kreuzberg. Indulge in trendy bars and clubs like Klunkerkranich in Neukölln or techno hotspots like Berghain and Tresor.

Currywurst & Döner

Delight your taste buds with Berlin's quintessential street foods - the flavorful currywurst and the beloved döner kebab. Experience the rich culinary heritage at iconic spots like Konnopke's in Prenzlauer Berg or Curry36 in Kreuzberg for currywurst, or Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap for a delicious döner, tracing back to Berlin's culinary origins.

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