8 Fantastic Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Airplanes

By tigresscreek | Nov 26, 2019

Probably you have read lots of articles about how to avoid getting sick on airplanes. Maybe you’ve followed every suggestion out there, and despite that, you are still getting sick after a flight. Here we will give you a different approach. Initially, we identify the real cause and then, pointing out real solutions to avoid getting sick on airplanes.

Avoid Getting Sick on Airplanes

It is a common belief that inside of an airplane, there is a massive soup of germs floating in the air, and a considerable amount of people together breathing it and infecting themselves with awful bacterias. But we are not here to debate about any myth or facts at all. Read on and make your conclusions.

Have you been to a movie theater? After the movie, did you get sick? I bet you didn’t. Did you? Here is another interesting question. Have you been to an indoor concert or a basketball game? Did you get sick?

Those places also have lots of people, even more than a plane, and assistants breath the same air as well. Of course, there is one particular reason the situation on a plane differs from the examples we mentioned, in other words, in the basketball game, concert, or movie theater you are having fun.

When you are on an airplane, you are flying. Well, the plane is flying, and you are in it. Despite technology, it’s not natural for humans to do so. What we try to say here is that the fact you get inside of a plane and fly to other locations, no matter how used to it you think you are, it can bring your body consciously or unconsciously to a stressful state.

Consciously, you already forgot about the old movie where a flight crashed or the terrible news on TV about planes accidents. But deep in your mind, there is enough data about the possible situations and outcomes, and that brings stress to your body.

At this point, you may say, “well, I could be a little stress, so what? It’s normal, right?”

It isn’t normal. Flying is not normal for humans beings. It brings stress to your body, and stress SHUTS DOWN the Immune system.

Stress turns off the immune system. Let’s dig into this a little bit more. In medicine, doctors know how powerful the immune system is and how it protects the human body. That’s why when an organ replacement surgery has to be done, doctors stress the body, so the immune system shuts down, and then, they can replace the organ. Otherwise, the immune system would reject it.

Every time your body is stressed, your immune system shuts down. Inside the body, there are already countless viruses, good and bad bacteria, but thanks to the immune system, they can not harm. When the immune system is shutted down by stress, all bacterias and bad viruses already in inside the body have free way to run and harm. Then you got sick. Period.
With that being said, there are some tricks to handle stress before and during your trip to avoid getting sick on airplanes.

Before Travel

Consider before traveling:

  • Diet
  • Breathing exercises

A healthy diet means to avoid sugars and hidden sugars. Include high amounts of leafy greens in your diet, whether with salads or smoothies. Include one cup of Sauerkraut to your meals every other day. One cup of Sauerkraut provides enough requirements of natural vitamin C for a week.

Breathing exercises are commonly known “The Win Wolf Breathing Technique” and besides other multiple benefits, they can help to relax the body.

During the Flight

Stay Away from Clorox Wipes

Some people are allergic to Clorox and they don’t even know it. The symptoms are likely to flu such as running nose, sore throat, etc. They appear some hours after exposing to Clorox.

Wear a Comfortable Fleece of Jacket

Watch Funny Videos

No scary movies, no action movies, no drama, no news. Just funny videos that make you laugh compulsively, those are the one that will relax you. Watch the videos right before take off the plane, during turbulence or before landing.

Favorite Music

Choose music from favorite movies or those that reminds you great old times. Close your eyes, listen to your favorite song, and make your own music video who the star is the most amazing person in the world, you!


Bring to the plane constructive, informative, and positive reading. Dark novels, or newspapers will stress you more. Instead, choose Jokes and riddles, places to visit, travel guides, restaurants list, all of them will serve one purpose. Relaxation.

Defeat Any Circumstances

If you find yourself sitting near an uncomfortable situation like a nervous pet or a child that can’t stop crying. Try not to resist to this situation, and avoid to complaint. it’s impossible to do that without stressing yourself more. If the goal is to avoid getting sick on airplanes, be proactive is your best bet.

In case of a nervous pet, have handy a bag of healthy, sweet tricks. A little bit of sugar can actually help pets to handle stressful situations better. Offer it to the pet owner, and feel proud of yourself. Not only you were smart and proactive, you are also a good samaritan and a pet lover.

In case of Kids, we have to understand that the little ones can’t deal with decompression by themselves. They need help from their parents that should give them something to drink in critical moments. Sometimes, young parents are not aware of that. Find a easy way to let them know it, and make new friends.

What do you think about these tactics to avoid getting sick on airplanes? If you have any ideas you want to suggest, let us know in the comments below.

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