Low-Cost Motorcycle Camping Gear Tips

By lionsdetour | Jun 8, 2020

If you want to feel ultimate freedom, try living like a nomad for a couple of days, a nomad with a motorcycle that is!
That sense of freedom and connection with your surroundings is just part of what makes motorcycle camping such a wholesome activity – just you, your motorcycle, a bit of gear and a couple of friends (or just do it on your own!).

Motorcycle touring and camping go really well together, it helps you not only reconnect with your inner peace, it helps you relax in nature.
If you want to travel for longer without a lavish budget, having the skill to set up a good tent pitch and cook during camping can save you a nice chunk of money every day on the road.
If you get a good set of gear you will have a comfortable sleep during the night in the wilderness or a campsite, not missing the hotel bed too much. Some campsites offer shower facilities so you can refresh yourself before getting on the bike again.

Just starting? Start slow

If you have never tried camping before, you don’t necessarily have to buy all the gear before your first outing.
We know how exciting it gets when you look at pictures of romantic views from the tent and want to go out camping on the first weekend the temperature barely exceeds 0 degrees at night. Hold on for a second!

Keep it simple and cheerful. There are some pieces of gear you wouldn’t want to save on – like a sleeping bag that keeps you warm during the night and a sleeping mat to keep you comfortable. A good night’s sleep means a good day exploring afterwards!
Catching a cold is very likely if you don’t have warm sleeping arrangements. However, you can get a good deal in the clearance sections of all major outdoor equipment shops. The lower price tag doesn’t come with lower quality, though, and is a great way to save money.
Also, there are many great brands on Amazon with insightful customer reviews that will help you select the best gear for yourself.

Rent it before you buy it

Some pieces of camping equipment can be rented from other people if you want to try before buying your own. This can be a tent, cooking gear, drones and cameras to get great shots from your trip. A great place to find people willing to rent our their stuff is FatLlama.

Renting camping equipment is also a great idea if you only plan to camp a couple of times in a year and don’t have enough storage space to keep it all in your house.

Keep it simple and multi-use

There are many clever solutions developed for camping and hiking enthusiasts – from clothing, through to storage and tools. Everything which has more than one use while you camp will save space in your bags and reduce the weight your bike (or you) has to carry.

Ideally, you should choose multi-use tools over things that have a sole purpose.
Try to simplify your gear setup – that will make your life easier, packing quicker and travelling more plausible.
To save the most space, think about layers you can wear on a motorcycle that are easy to transform when worn off-the-bike.
If you have nicely fitting fleece top, it will be great to wear it under your motorcycle gear to save space in the bags.

Buy pre-owned

When you decide which model of a tent, GPS or pannier bags you want, try to look for a pre-owned one. It works particularly well for electronics and non-personal gear like tents, packing bags, lights and cooking stoves.

You can easily save 40% off the original price.
If you care, it is also better for the environment.
Look in local forums, browse eBay, check Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace – it’s more than likely that you will find what you’re looking for.

Take care of your gear so it lasts longer

Air out your sleeping bags after using, make sure they don’t get wet.
Taking care of your gear is a really pleasant way of ensuring that it will last you longer – so from each purchase, you can get more use, which in the long run will save you money.
Fix any holes you notice as soon as possible so the damage won’t get any worse.

Get a sleeping bag liner so you won’t have to wash and potentially weaken your main sleeping bag.
Fold your gear according to instructions to avoid ripping the fabric.
Keep your gear in drybags – damp should be avoided at all times.
Take care of your leather equipment – clean and wax your boots, jacket and trousers regularly.
Store your gear in a dry, clean space.

Ask for it as a gift

If another pair of socks won’t possibly fit in your dresser, why not ask for something you will get some real use out of instead? That kind of gift will always remind you of the thoughtfulness of a person who treated you with a useful piece of equipment for your expeditions.

That’s how you will be able to save on the things you were eyeing up earlier on.
Gifting should be practical – at least that’s what I believe.
There have been enough gifts that landed at the very bottom of the wardrobe or storage while receiving something useful will enhance your camping experience and be a part of your adventurous habits.

Cooking gear tip

You probably have a lot of gear you might need for your camping adventure – think small cutting board, a foldable knife, cutlery, plastic plates, reusable cups. All those will come in handy when you want to prepare a meal outside.

It’s not absolutely necessary to have a separate set for your travel when you can be clever and use the same tools you have at home.
At times, they can take up a bit more space than you’d like, but just to start it should be good enough.

Sometimes disposable plates can be a cheap and easy choice, to reduce the need to wash-up to the minimum. Choose biodegradable over the plastic to stay eco-friendly!

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