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A Midwestern state located between Kansas in the Midwest and Kentucky, Missouri is covered with grassy plains stretching for miles and contrasts the mountains that make up the Ozark Mountains. Many cities are located in Missouri and are full of incredible attractions, including The National World War I Museum in Kansas City, and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. There is also plenty of natural beauty to counterbalance the city's noise in the state of Missouri. Missouri is awash with stunning state parks, nature parks, and other retreats that are waiting for your visit. Don't forget to grab your hat and get started on your Missouri excursion, exploring the excitement that is the Country Clubs in Branson to taking the fresh air of the stunning Ozarks. Missouri will surprise you and make you want to stay a bit longer.

St. Louis Zoological Park

In the middle of St. Louis, this Zoo is known as a pioneer in the field of animal research and conservation and is recognized as a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It also provides admission for free, with the exception of exhibits that are special! It is also free of charge for special exhibits! St. Louis Zoological Park has been in existence since 1904's St. Louis World's Fair and the acquisition of a Smithsonian Institution: the Flight Cage.
You can now visit an array of new exhibits, including, for instance, the Big Cat Country and Jungle of the Apes to name two. If you're looking for something a bit more whimsical you can also visit The Butterfly House and The Fragile Forest. Enjoy a ride on the May Ann Lee Conservation Carousel featuring hand-carved wooden animals which depict the actual species that are endangered. If you want to view the animals or find out more about the conservation of animals The zoo is full of activities that amuse and inform visitors.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Sometimes, cities can be too overwhelming and it's essential to be able to get away to the peace of the natural world. The Missouri Botanical Gardens are an oasis of nature and it is also one of the most renowned botanical gardens in the US located near the center of St. Louis and was founded in 1859 by the philanthropist Henry Shaw. The National Historic Landmark is open to the public and still a place for scientific research and education!
Take a pair of comfy shoes and be prepared to walk around because the gardens cover over 79 acres and comprise numerous fascinating and diverse sections. Explore the village that was founded by pioneers and an Osage camp as well as Henry Shaw's historic state residence. You can also relax at Seiwa's, the biggest Japanese park in North America! Seiwa-en is also a venue for the annual celebrations of cultural events like those of Chinese Culture Days or Japanese Festival. Enjoy these festivals or just come by yourself anytime you want to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility nature offers.

National World War I Museum

It is situated in Kansas City, Missouri, located in Missouri, the National World War I Museum and Memorial is open to the public since 1926 and are a source of information about WWI and its corresponding events between 1914 and 1919. Paris Peace Conference. Even the entryway offers a lesson: as you cross the bridge that is made of glass, beneath there is an area of 9,000 red poppies, each symbolizing 1000 combatants killed during the War.
The building that is now the museum's home is not the original one it was a new one in response to fundraising efforts to revamp the museum to transform it into an officially recognized WWI Museum located in the US. Today, the Main Gallery holds artifacts including a Renault FT Tank, a Ford Model T Ambulance, and propaganda posters. While the majority of people are more interested in WWII It's a good idea to revisit history and find out about the beginning of the Great War that created the atmosphere that led to WWII. It's a must-visit.

Gateway Arch

St. Louis, Missouri is the home of the world's tallest arch (630 feet high! ), the Gateway Arch. It is located on the western bank of the Mississippi River, this inverted catenary arch that is weighted and constructed from stainless steel is the mainstay of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and is an iconic emblem for the town of St. Louis.
Enjoy a stroll on the Mississippi and stop to take a look at this memorial to that U.S. westward expansion, accessible to the public since. If you're brave enough go on the tram to the top to enjoy a view that can extend upwards of 30 miles. Stay on the ground level of the visitor center and visit the museum of westward Expansion and the various exhibits on display in the museum.

Lake of the Ozarks

It is located in the northern region of the Ozark Mountains in central Missouri, The Lake of the Ozarks is a huge reservoir that was created by the impoundment process of the Osage River and its tributaries. The gentle and lazy curves of the lake have earned it the title "The Magic Dragon" and it was among the biggest man-made lakes at the time it was built in 1931. The lake soon became an ideal vacation spot due to its stunning scenery and water sports attractions.
Rent a holiday home in the lake area and explore the mountains. You can visit the Lake of the Ozarks State Park or stop by Party Cove if you're in the mood to have a great time. Relax in luxury in The Lodge of Four Seasons and play a few rounds of golf, which is one of the most difficult Midwest golf courses. Have a relaxing vacation on the lakefront and take a cruise and kick your feet down in this stunning setting.

Hermann Wine Trail

Missouri has a historical German community of Hermann which was founded by German immigrants who came to Missouri in 1837. They began making wine. The settlers developed the wine industry with care and encouraged newcomers to plant more grapes and quickly integrated their love of wine into their lives Wine halls were a popular meeting place following Sunday worship and held an annual Weinfest each year!
Visit this charming town and tour the vineyards which create Missouri proud. This state-funded Grape and Wine Program promotes tourism and research in order to sustain this industry. Visit Stone Hill Winery, one of the oldest wineries in the region, and participate in one of the many fun wine trails, like those on the Chocolate Wine Trail, or the Saw Cheese Wine Trail. Reserve for a stay at a local establishment to unwind and drink responsibly, since we guarantee that you'll not ever want to leave after one glass!

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