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By PackToIran | Sep 30, 2021

After the Coronavirus pandemic all the tourism activists from all over the world, from popular travel brands, travel agencies and tour operators and luxurious hotels, to local guides and family-run hostels and ecolodges in small cities and villages, and also all travel lovers, bloggers and backpackers are waiting for a big tourism peak season in 2022, one much different past covid19 peaks we have all experienced. With the public vaccination in the world, this doesn't seem like a very strange expectation and as many travelers might be searching for new travel destinations of the world for their upcoming travels and adventures. It is worth mentioning that in spite of vaccination, many travelers are now looking for new destinations with more natural attractions where they can avoid touristic crowds. Here we are introduced some of the new travel destinations of the world where you can experience unique and non-touristic expeditions.

1- Iran

Known as an undiscovered destination because of being affected by the political news and propaganda, Iran is one of the unique destinations which will leave you speechless with its cultural attractions including ancient and pre-historic constructions or stunning Islamic mosques and palaces, and also exotic natural attraction and villages that you can't see anywhere but in Iran. Today Iran is growing as an amazing travel destination because of its friendly and hospitable local and its safe atmosphere which has caused it to be introduced as “one of the safest destinations in the world”, by travelers and travel bloggers, unlike what western media tries to show. The diversity of nature and culture in Iran helps any traveler and adventurer choose their favourite Iran tour and enjoy their holidays in Iran.



2- Laos

Located in southeast Asia, the wonderful country of Laos offers scenic and legendary landscapes, rich culture, and ancient Buddhist rituals which causes travelers think they are traveling back in time. This country is one of the most diverse countries in terms of geographical phenomena and landscapes, and cultural heritages of Asia that have disappeared in through centuries, and also food and culinary culture. It also has a lot of adventurous activities to offer nature enthusiasts like jungle ziplines, long trekking tours, caving, etc.



3- Guatemala

Located in the Central America south of Mexico, Guatemala is now becoming a popular destination among the adventure lovers and naturalists, and greenies, as this amazing country is home to very dense rainforests, adventurous mountains and volcanos and is one of the best places on earth for trekking, and mountain climbing. Apart from numerous natural attractions what makes Guetemala an awesome travel destination for 2022, is its mysterious and wonderful Mayan sites, like the El Ceibal, Zaculeu, Nakum, etc.



4- Sudan

If you are keen to learn about the ancient land of Africa when the first humans raised, Sudan could be the suitable destination for you. This vast country which is the third largest country in Africa and sixth largest country in the world, is where the two Niles meet and where you can venture through the most untouched deserts of the world. Although some conflicts have caused Sudan to be introduced as an unsafe travel destination, it is now proofing the world that the truth is much different and every year more travelers are exploring this primeval land.



5- Namibia

Another amazing travel destination in Africa that is suggested to be visited in 2022 is Namibia, located in the south of this continent. A country with such mind-blowing natural beauties that makes it stand out among other African countries. Some natural attractions of Namibia include the endless Namib Desert, the surreal Dead-tree Valley, the Skeleton coast, and the Sandwich Harbour, where the sand dunes meet the vast ocean. This country is also one of the best places on earth for watching wildlife and exploring the numerous animal species from elephants and black rhinos, to cats, birds and reptiles.




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