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Blue Lagoon (Sneak Peak)

Blue Lagoon (Sneak Peak)

Blue Lagoon is located in the vicinity of San San, Portland. The previous name was Blue Hole, after which it was changed to Blue Lagoon Permanently based on the movie with Brook Shield called, "The Blue Lagoon".

This area is often populated with day visitors from other tourism areas, families, honeymooners and inner-city persons seeking relaxation from the arduous and hectic lifestyle.

Blue Lagoon has a beautiful and lush scenery surrounding a body of fresh and salt glittering water leading to the ocean. If you take a dip in the Blue Lagoon water, you can rinse off in the mineral spring and feel fresh again!

Elderly locals, said that mermaid once lived in this famous water back in the old days of their great grand parents. There was a myth that, in the afternoon when Blue Lagoon is empty, the mermaid gold table would float up on top of the water and sometimes give the water a temperature change in the late evening.

The Blue Lagoon is said to be "bottomless". It is the shape of an ice-cream cone. Popular diver, David Lee (Five Times Free Diving World Record Holder), free dived to 176 ft (53.64 m) in the Blue Lagoon.

The mineral spring water flows from the Blue Mountains into the Lagoon giving it a mixture of fresh, cold and warm salt water. There was once a restaurant and some villas surrounding the Blue Lagoon, but now, they are all ruining. The land was sold to Michael Lee Chin by Ms. Mazuka (Former owner).

The Blue Lagoon was declared a historical site in August 2018. Visitors are free to come and swim, you only pay for tours, craft and accommodation.

Blue Lagoon (Boat Tour)

Blue Lagoon (Boat Tour)

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