La Ciénaga de Zapata: a natural treasure in Cuba

By Luis_Herrera | Nov 22, 2019
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The Zapata Wetland is located in the southern part of Matanzas province, iIt has an extension of more than 4300 km2 including the Zapata Peninsule and an extensive area at the east of the Bay of Pigs.

The Zapata Wetland

The Zapata Wetland

Most of Zapata Wetland is included in the Great Montemar Natural Park, which brings together great tourist attractions, both natural - which are the main ones - and historical ones. It's
the largest wetland in the insular Caribbean region, and being a relatively little area modified by the hand of man, it' s a green destination for excellency, since it contains various tourist attractions, mainly related to nature tourism, beach tourism, sport fishing and diving.

Aldea Taina

Aldea Taina

This region constitutes one of the most important forested areas of Cuba, there' re 78 species of endemic plants and 6 endemic species of its own, as well as numerous species of fauna among others, crocodiles, manjuarí (fossil fish) and the birds, representing a place of great interest for its conservation and since 2000 it was declared a Biosphere Reserve, one of the six in Cuba.



There are 16 species of reptiles in the region, none of them dangerous to humans, a considerable population of deer, wild pigs and other mammals such as jutía (conga and dwarf) and an immense population of birds, they have been seen more than 200 species. In fact, Zapata Wetland is the largest and most important reservoir of migratory birds in Cuba, mainly migratory birds from North America, which use it as their greenhouse, at least 65 species have been identified.

Manjuarí & Jicoteas

Among fish species without Any doubt the most interesting is the Manjuarí, practically a living fossil that only inhabits the Zapata Wetland, the trout also stands out, due to its great interest for sport fishing in Laguna del Tesoro (Treasure Lagoon).

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