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By BelleCarib | May 25, 2019
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One of the most important deciding factors when booking your St. Lucian vacation is the weather. Chances are, you would prefer every day to be sunny with clear skies and calm seas. While St. Lucian weather isn’t always perfect, it definitely beats cold winters and grey, rainy days.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our weather:

Does St. Lucia have seasons?

Most countries where visitors come from are usually in the temperate zone and experience four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Unlike these countries, St. Lucia is located in the tropical zone, and therefore we only have two seasons – the wet (rainy season) and the dry season.

What are these seasons like?

The wet and dry season each lasts six months. The rainy season starts on June 1st and ends of November 30th. These are the summer months, and some autumn months. The rainy season is characterized by more rainfall and can reach averages of 193 mm in the middle of the season.

Storms, hurricanes and other smaller weather systems occur during the rainy season. In recent years, most storms and hurricanes usually occur in the later months of the rainy season.

The dry season spans from December 1st to May 1st. These are the rest of the winter months, and spring. There is significantly less rainfall in these months, and prolonged droughts may occur.

For some residents, this means that the water supply from the local water company may be rationed. However, all hotels have safe and clean water supplies on site which will be used in the event of a drought. If you’re staying at a villa, guest house or Airbnb type location, there will most likely be water tanks – but it’s always wise to ask beforehand.

What is the average temperature in St. Lucia?

On average, St. Lucia’s temperature ranges from 26˚ - 29˚ Celsius or 79˚ - 83˚ Fahrenheit. November is usually the hottest month while January is often the coldest.

Although St. Lucia is located in the tropical zone, the winter weather in countries to the north do affect our temperatures. From December to April, temperatures usually range from 26˚ - 27˚ C or 78˚ - 80˚ F.

If you’re used to staggering low winter temperatures, this would still be hot weather for you – but you may overhear some St. Lucians noting that it’s a bit colder. It’s also important to note that the sun begins to set earlier during the later months of the year, and it may be dark by 6 p.m. This might be an important detail when planning your activities if you do decide to come St. Lucia during those months.

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