When is the best time to visit Brazil?

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The best times to visit Brazil

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

It depends what your interests are, but the good news is that Brazil is a year-round destination. One thing to keep in mind is that Brazil lies mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, and its seasons are the exact opposite of what Northern Hemisphere residents are used to: summer is December through to March, and winter is June through to September. Although there are various rainy seasons across the country, the rain is sometimes a good reason to travel, because it transforms the landscape and reshapes everything, from rivers to lush vegetation. The rain is part of the tropical system, making it green and beautiful.

For hiking

In the 4 chapadas ­it is good to visit Chapada Diamantina year round, but avoid the rain cycles in January, May ­ June, August ­ October. Chapada dos Veadeiros: the best moment to visit is in the dry season (May­-September), particularly in May­-June so you can still find a lot of green. In July there are a lot of festivals, so it’s more crowded. From October to April there is the rainy season, but the waterfalls are fuller and it is very green everywhere. Chapada dos Guimarães: goot to visit year around, but best in April and May. June ­ early October is good to combine with the Pantanal. October is quite dry and fire occurs in the Savanna, it rains in January February. Chapada das Mesas: June to December, but in July it is quite crowded due to Bumba­ Meu­ Boi festival in Maranhão. From December to April it is raining.

Iguazu Falls: it depends. Generally it is better to visit during drier months with clearer skies (March­May, August-October) when water levels are a little lower and there is normal access to the trails. In December­-February (crowded) the waterfalls are fuller as it rains, but the trails might close. During June­-September it can get cold at night (5­10ºC) and it can rain sporadically! For better views explore the upper and lower trails in the morning and do the Devil’s Throat in the late afternoon when you have the sun in your back.

The Route of Emotions: After the rainy season, so starting with May till September, to catch the lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses filled with water.

The Canyons of the South (Aparados da Serra): the best time of the year to visit is between May and August – when the chances of fog are reduced, although it is very cold in this region. In September, a month of rain and low visibility, tours are not recommended because of the fog in the canyons at the end of the afternoon.

For the beach

Bahia: Maraú ­ best time to visit is September to April, including the high season from December to March (crowded). Avoid the rain in May­-August. Itacare ­ best time to visit is between October and March. Trancoso ­ as the rest of Bahia but also avoid the rain in November January.

Pernambuco and Alagoas: the best time to visit goes from September to February, when it rains less and the humidity is lower. Avoid May through September when it rains a lot.

Fernando do Noronha: For scuba diving the best conditions are from August to November on the northern part of the island and from January to March on the southern coast. Surfing is at its best from December to the end of March. The most rain falls in March and April.

Rio de Janeiro and Ilha Grande: This region is a year round destination, in fact. For clear skies best to visit from April to September, when it is 22-30ºC. July to August are a bit cooler though and you will often need a jumper at night. This is a good time for those who don’t like the heat. Maybe avoid December ­ March when it can easily reach 40 ­ 45ºC in . There is normally more showers at this time, but the rain occurs at the end of the afternoon, freshening up the air. It’s rare to rain all day or for consecutive days.

Jericoacoara: best time to visit is from July to February as there is a low humidity and it’s not rainy. For strong winds, the best is to visit between July to November, August being preferred by kite and windsurfing fans. To avoid the crowds travel off­season.

Beaches of the South: visit December to March, rainfalls are typically of short duration and will not ruin your holidays. Unless you are a surf fan, do not go from June to September.

For the wildlife in the Pantanal

The Pantanal is a fabulous destination to visit at any time of the year. Pantanal’s weather is normally divided in 3 seasons: flooding, draining and dry seasons. During the flooding season (December to March) it’s a great period to see its colourful landscape and experience the real wetlands (boats/canoes tours). Draining season (April to June) ­ is one of the best times for bird­ and wildlife watching but also the best time for fishing, as waters are very clear. Dry season (July to November) is the best time to spot wildlife in Pantanal. Also the time for famous jaguar. June-­July is also the time when the ipê trees are in blossom, covering the Pantanal in pink.

For the Amazonian rainforest

The weather in the Amazon is temperamental. In the Amazon there is high water and low water, but there are advantages to both. During low­ water or the dry season (June ­ December/February) you get more walks through the forest. As the rivers recede, beaches and islands reappear. It is a good time to take a flight to Santarém in the state of Pará and see Alter de Chão. At high­water or the wet season (January ­ May) as much as ten metres of water rise through the forest. This is the best time to spot animals. The humidity is higher in the rainy season, building up over the course of the day to produce a heavy downfall almost every afternoon. Despite this, mornings and early afternoons can be clear and sunny.

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