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By routeonwheels | Jan 25, 2019
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The Land of Tribes & A Land of Unseen beauty..

Bonda  tribes

Bonda tribes

There are some places in the India that are special, and Odisha (Orissa) is definitely one of them. Filled with exquisite temples and extraordinary monuments, home to many thousands of prolific artists and craftsmen; and possessing beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural landscape of often-enchanting beauty.

Of all the states of India, Orissa has the largest number of tribes, as many as 62. in terms of percentage they constitute an impressive 24 percent of the total population of the state. Unchanged for centuries and mostly untouched by civilization, the ancient tribal settlements are found on hills or close to rivers flowing near forests, far from the plains. Yet, the cultural ethos, identity and vitality of the state is deeply influenced by its rich ethnic tribal diversity. While some share common characteristics, each tribe varies greatly in terms of lifestyle, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, folklore, language and appearance.

Orissa (Odisha) is located on the eastern of the state of India and is the pilgrim's hub of eastern India. This quaint state flaunts 500 exquisite temples and the tempo of modern life is in sync with the glorious past of this beautiful temple state...

Out of 62 notified Scheduled Tribes, only 8 Scheduled Tribes are declared as Primitive Tribal Groups by the Government of India. Those tribes are Juang, Bondo Poraja, Lodha, Didayi,Mankidia, Birhor, Kharia and Soura.

The economic life of the Tribal groups revolve round the forest and the PTGs of Orissa are not out of it. Forest nurtures their life and the biotic and abiotic components of forest ecology fulfill their socio-economic, bio-social, religion-cultural and psycho- social needs. They collect their basic amenities from the forest and their economic life is interwoven with the forest eco-system.

An off-the-beaten-track favorite for more adventurous types, Odisha (Orissa) rewards those who make the effort with an intricate patchwork of history, fascinating tribal culture and natural beauty, along with an old-fashioned sprinkling of sun and sand.

If you are planning for the Orissa tour do not miss out the colorful and lively people, festivals, dance, music and the bazaars that are held in the city. The past glory of this state is experienced through the imposing forts and palaces. One of such cities in Orissa is Puri that is popular all over the world for its historic antiquities and sacred shrines.

Through our travel guide of Odisha, explore the famous places to visit, things to do and water activities in Orissa beaches, pilgrimage, culture, wildlife and shopping and get a peek into the tribes and beaches of Orissa.

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