Newfoundland: Bottle Harbour

By Yula_Traveller | Oct 17, 2020
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On our first day in Newfoundland we drive up the west coast. As we begin driving along the coastline, we are in absolute awe. The beauty here far exceeds our expectations. Pictures we have seen, videos we have viewed, our friends' accounts of how beautiful it is here – none of that do it justice. You HAVE to be here to appreciate just how beautiful it is. We come to an area on the west coast called Bottle Cove. Their website calls it the Hidden Gem – this is so true! It's beautiful, there are hiking trails, and it seems like a perfect spot for sleeping. We decide to spend the rest of the day here. Our hearts are so happy and light!

The hiking trails in this area are excellent. They are well maintained and there are markers for where it is safest to walk. It's considered an easy hike in most places. Some spots are more difficult, but it's not necessary to follow those trails to view the beauty of the area.

It gets even cooler as the sun begins to set. We collect the dry driftwood from the beach area and build a fire. The sunset is beautiful, the water is beautiful, and the moon is beautiful. It was the perfect first day in Newfoundland.

A couple of photos of the next morning – same location. We take our sweet time making our breakfast. And make a note of exactly where this is. If I can get back to Newfoundland, this will be a ‘must visit again' destination.

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Written by Yula_Traveller
We are Yula and Alex from Ontario, Canada. We retired in 2019 and now we are either travelling or planning our next trip. In the next few years we plan to explore more of the natural beauty that Canada and United States have to offer. For more of our travels, visit us at

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