Walking in Madeira



If you are a keen walker, beware of walking the "levadas" in Madeira. Whilst the scenery is great, the routes are flat and narrow, and you often end up behind slow old people, and you don't get any exercise. There are some fabulous and challenging walks on the island, particularly the old mule roads, which are still cobbled in places, extremely steep and and seldom used. Buy a good guide book and map before you go.

Walking in Madeira

Walking in Madeira

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Written by carolepaish


Apr 7, 2019 at 14:40

Well, I'm an old person, however I don't think of myself as slow. I do respond to requests such as "Excuse me, may I pass?" Luckily I'm off to the Fisherman's Trail where I will hopefully not end up behind young people staring down at their phones.

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