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By mishasays | Dec 12, 2020
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Have you ever tried to hail a taxi in Rome? As a Canadian traveler, I was shocked when none would stop for me. I flailed my arms like an inflatable tube man in front of a car dealership, and nothing happened. Little did I know, taxis in Rome are instructed to only pick up people at designated taxi pickup points or official taxi ranks, where people queue up for passing taxis. Otherwise, you have to call in a pickup or use a taxi app such as Free Now or ItTaxi. Uber only offers black car service in Rome.

Official taxi ranks are located throughout the city and there are many near the busiest tourist attractions and in front of large hotels. Using an official taxi rank also ensures that you are taking an official taxi, as there are occurrences of fake taxis. I have taken one late at night, because I didn't use an official rank, and got ripped off with the driver going in circles to run up the meter.

As for tipping, it is typical for Italians to round up the change for taxi fare. For example, if the total is € 8.25 euros, you may pay with € 9 euros. Also, it is common to add € 1 or € 2 euros per piece of baggage that the driver has to help load into his or her trunk.

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Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia

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