Blag your way into fancy hotels!



Pay for cheap accommodation in a hostel and then pay for a day pass to use the facilities of a luxury hotel.

It works out way cheaper to do this than stay in mid-range hotels with pools, and the facilities you get in your fancy hotel will be better than any place you could afford anyway!

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Written by Germanwhipstobustrips
After a lifelong battle with depression & anxiety, I decided to leave behind my life of luxury (German Whips) for a simple life of travel, adventure & exploration (Bus Trips) on a journey to find true happiness.
 Through my blog, German Whips to Bus Trips, I have chosen to share my backpacking diaries, stories about my journey towards mental health recovery & (vegan) travel guides to various destinations around the world.
 I hope I can inspire you to travel more, believe in yourself more and give you hope for the future, regardless of the struggles you may be facing right now. There is always light ✨ 
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