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Jul 30, 2020• by _globetrotters_

Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

So, before judging the two beautiful cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi let me show some interesting places to visit. Let's start with Dubai. Tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah is known for its luxurious...

Jun 12, 2020• by girlsofwisdom

Luxury Accommodation in Malta

Do you plan to go somewhere new this year or the year to come? Luckily for you Malta exists and it is more than 7000 years old. Dungeons that date back to medieval times, megaliths, and lovely towns...

Jun 11, 2020• by girlsofwisdom

Luxury Accommodation in Mykonos

Blue and white buildings, tanned bodies, golden beaches, turquoise, and blue water, pink flowers, and tanned bodies. Does this remind you of anything? Olive Trees on the hills? Great Seafood? If this...

Jun 5, 2020• by wasatch

Not Budget Travel in The EU: Lodging

The average income of US tourists flying out of the country is $109,000 per year. Depending on family size, the Pew Research Center puts the start of an upper class income at $78,000-175,000...

Jun 2, 2020• by wasatch

The Hilton Prague

The Hilton Prague and the Hilton Prague Old Town are two different hotels. The Old Town is right on the fringe of the touristic center of Prague, Old Town Square. The Hilton Prague is about a 20...

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Luxurious experience of Sofia full day tour

From $110 - $200 / person
Sofia, Bulgaria
8 hours

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4 Days Serengeti fly in Luxury Safari

From $4320 / person
Arusha, Tanznia
4 days

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