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    Aug 24, 2020• by TZOBILJE

    2020 Rutting Season in Kopački Rit Nature Park

    The deer rutting season is an interesting time of year and it has just started in our historical oak forests. The rutting lasts for approximately one month. The oak forests in Eastern Croatia...

    Aug 5, 2020• by anna_travelette

    Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

    Hey guys! 🏞🌎 Today I want to tell you about a destination that has been on my bucket list for a while - and I finally managed to tick it off some weeks ago. So I was in Croatia with some...

    Jun 16, 2020• by TZOBILJE

    How to Reach Eastern Croatia

    Croatia is a wonderful country in Central Europe, which has one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. The other side of Croatia, the eastern part, is also a region that is worth visiting. If you...

    Jun 9, 2020• by TZOBILJE

    "Heaven on Earth" in Eastern Croatia - Bilje, Baranja

    Bilje destination is situated in Eastern Croatia, serving as the main gate to the famous Baranya. The whole region went through turbulent historical events, therefore a rich multicultural heritage is...

    Aug 24, 2019• by AdventuresInFluency

    Korčula, Croatia - A Cool Island by Design

    The island of Korčula in Croatia is cool by design. Its old town was designed by the Venetians. The ocean breezes weave through the carefully laid out streets designed by the Venetians to optimize...

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    What to do

    From Zagreb: Ljubljana and Lake Bled Tour

    From $96.52 / person
    Zagreb, Croatia
    12 hours

    More details 

    Plitvice Lakes National Park and Rastoke Tour from Zagreb

    From $78.35 / person
    Zagreb, Croatia
    10 hours

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    Sea Kayaking Adventure to Pakleni Islands

    From $62 / person
    Hvar, Croatia
    4 hours

    More details 

    Balkan Discovery

    From $1300 / person
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    10 days

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