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      Apr 21, 2021• by Bahador

      Tips for a Solo Traveler in Iran

      Traveling alone to Iran? Nowadays solo travelers explore the world and experience new destinations on their own. Solo travelers have also a great experience in Iran. Iranians are familiar with the...

      Aug 29, 2022• by PackToIran

      Enjoy Skiing in Dizin Ski Resort after Qatar World Cup 2022

      Due to Iran's four-season climate, it has a lot of potential for tourism. Skiing on fresh powdery snow in a professional ski resort and relaxing on sunny beaches by the Persian Gulf in south Iran are...

      Jun 12, 2022• by PackToIran

      7 UNESCO Sites to Visit in Iran

      It is one of the 10 countries with the most world heritage sites and is rich in culture and history. We will explore some of the less visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran, which are scattered...

      Jan 14, 2022• by PackToIran

      Things to Know Before Traveling in Iran

      So you are going to make a trip to Iran and visit this amazing country for the first time? As you know, Iran is an unknown country affected by the political news, so probably there are many things...

      Sep 2, 2021• by Triptopersia

      General Information about Iran

      1. Passport: Your passport must be valid for 6 months. Also, the passport must have two blank pages without stamps for sticking the visa. 2. Visa: All foreign tourists who wants to visit Iran...

      Aug 29, 2021• by Triptopersia

      Iran Cliches and Stereotypes! True or Not? (FAQ by Travelers)

      What are the craziest stereotypes that you heard about Iran? Let us tell you if they are true or not! No Iranians are not Arab! Yes, most Iranians are Muslim and yes, they live in the Middle...

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      Alamut Valley day tour

      From $50 - $60 / group
      Qazvin, Iran
      1 day

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