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By Bahador | Apr 21, 2021
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Traveling alone to Iran? Nowadays solo travelers explore the world and experience new destinations on their own. Solo travelers have also a great experience in Iran. Iranians are familiar with the concept of solo traveling. Especially in big cities, you are welcome as a solo traveler.

If you are open to new experiences and adventures, so pack your backpack and plan to travel to Iran as a solo traveler Iran.

Besides as a solo traveler, you always should be sure about the safety of your destinations. Iran with friendly people is one of the safest destinations you have ever traveled to! In addition, you must have enough information about your itineraries and be careful about your appearance and care about your money and valuables.
Here you can find information about Iran and some points that help you to know about Persian culture and habits. Hence, you can find some good tips to enjoy more as a solo traveler to Iran.

Why traveling alone?

Traveling alone is a great opportunity for everyone. In this way, you can travel on your style and decide according to your desire.
You can rest whenever you want and you can visit wherever you wish.
You can know yourself better during your journey. You have more free time to think about your life and surrounding.
So do not miss this chance to travel alone and have this great experience during your life.

As a solo traveler, know more about Iran!

Iran, the land of civilization and culture, is located in the Middle East. With an 81 million population, it is a Muslim country. Tehran is the capital and Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Yazd, and Kerman are some of the important cities.
As an Islamic country, there are some laws that you should observe as a tourist. There is some dress code for men and women you better know. Besides, alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Iran. Here you can find some more information about these issues.

Iran is a safe destination

Those traveled Iran agree that it is safer than many other countries. The country boasts one of the loveliest people in the world.
There is no reason to feel unsafe in Iran. Since crimes against foreigners and terrorist activities are rare in the country.
According to the Travel Risk Map, Iran is listed in the Medium Risk Category in 2020 and is a safe country. It is like Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt and Russia are also in Medium Risk category.

Preplanning matters!

Iran boasts 24 properties inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Several cities home to several cultural and historical attractions. Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, Yazd, and Tehran are places that you must visit during your travel to Iran.
These are big cities in Iran, which are tourist places. Hence, you don't have any problem with accommodation and sightseeing as a solo traveler.
Nonetheless, it is better to have information about the sites you want to visit and also do research on accommodation and public transportation.

Don't underestimate the internet as a solo traveler to Iran!

To have access to the internet on your smartphone you should have an Iranian SIM Card. You can have one at a reasonable price. With an Iranian SIM Card, you have access to high-speed internet in most parts of the country.
Balad and Neshan are two renowned Iranian navigation apps. Besides you can use Snapp and Tapsi as the ride hailing apps for your intercity transportation.
Besides, you can connect with your relatives and family members via social media. WhatsApp, Instagram, and your email are the ways you can share your experience with Iran. Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are blocked in Iran. You should have some VPN, Virtual Private Network, to use the blocked sites. So it is wise to install one of these VPNs on your smartphone.

Think about your accommodation as a solo traveler in Iran

Think about the places you want to stay during your trip to Iran. Couch Surfing is legally banned in Iran. However you can connect with CS members and have a safe stay. If you think you may arrive some destination late, be sure that they have 24-hour front desk.

There are several ecolodges, hostels, and hotels in Iran that you can choose according to your budget. So have an estimation of your cost and choose your accommodation ahead!

Care about your money

Put your money, passport, and valuables in more than one place. Anti-theft bag is a great choice as a solo traveler to bring some daily spending money. If there is any lock at your accommodation, put your valuables and money there.
Do you prefer cash or credit during your trip? To have cash, you should have an estimation of your costs. You should also know facts about Iran's currency. None of your bank cards and also credit cards like VISA or MasterCard are valid in Iran.
In recent years, there is an option for tourists in Iran using Iranian debit card. The POS terminals are available in most Iranian shops and retailers.
With an Iranian debit card, you can do interaction via POS terminals and ATMs like locals. Bringing cards instead of cash is safer and more convenient for you as a traveler.

Trust yourself, be confident

You should trust your feeling while traveling alone. If you think a situation is not appropriate, trust yourself and hesitate.
Walk in a way that you know the place and know all directions. Because being confused or appearing as a lost person, make you vulnerable. Do not ask the address on the street. If you are lost, ask a shopkeeper about the address. You can check the address and train or bus schedule when you are at the hotel. In this way, you look more confident on street!
It is ok to say a little lie. For example, if you ask for an address, you can say that you want to meet one of your friends there.

Dress modestly as a solo traveler in Iran

Forget about flashy dresses or strange ones while you are on a trip as a solo traveler. You should meet the dress code observe by majority of people.
As mentioned before, Iran has a dress code as an Islamic country. As a woman, you should cover your head and wear a long-sleeved shirt or manteau and long pants. It is not very strict however you should meet this rule generally. The color and style of your cloth are up to you. Staying some days in Iran, you understand what you can wear to look like locals.
As a man, you cannot wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. Otherwise, it would be ok for you!
Wearing sandals without socks is also ok in most places for men and women. Iranian women also wear makeup most of times. So it is usual to see women in makeup on streets, bazaars, or any other places.

Do not underestimate day light!

Do your best to arrive at your itineraries during the day. Daylight is an important factor for your safety in unknown destination. Most shops are closed in small cities in Iran during night. At big cities, you can find your direction more confident during day as well.
Besides, always prefer public places to uncrowded ones especially at night. It is very important to increase your safety when you are alone.
Another point is about daylight length is different in summer and winter in Iran. During summer, the sun still shines in the sky until 21:00. However, during winter, the daylight is gone by 18:00.

Meeting new people as a solo traveler in Iran

Being a solo traveler provides you an opportunity to meet new people and start new friends. Iranians are one of the most friendliest and hospitable people that you ever met.
They are very supportive and help you whenever you want any help. You can always count on Iranians when you are in a trouble. Keep in mind that your trip is a great opportunity to make new friends.
However, it is wise not to trust newly met people. For example do not trust to give your money or valuables to someone you do not know.

Make money while traveling Iran

In some ecolodges, there are some opportunities that you can find travel jobs. As a solo traveler you can make money during your trip in Iran. There are some Instagram pages that you can find these kind of temporary jobs while traveling Iran.
In some ecolodges you can do a job and instead you can stay free at the place. It is a great chance to get introduce more to Iranian culture and society.

Social interaction in Iranian style

There are some cultural differences that you should observe when you are in Iran. Don't talk and discuss political issues. It is one of the red lines in Iran.
The affection for the opposite sex is not common to be expressed in the public.
Hugging and kissing of the opposite sex are not common. However, members of same-sex kiss and hug each other.
Shaking hands between men and women in religious and state-run places are not common. However, you can see men and women shake hand in public places without any problem.

Last but not least

As a solo traveler to Iran, you have a great time in this country. Iran is one of the safest with the friendliest people in the world. You can have a memorable trip considering some general tips and cultural differences. Do not miss to travel alone to Iran and have great experiences and making new friends.

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