What to wear in Iran

Are you going to travel to Iran? Surely you have been thinking about how to dress in Iran. Here are some tips for woman and men about what to wear and how to look nice and comfortable while visiting to Iran.

Tips for women


Following Islamic rules, is mandatory for women to wear a hijab in Iran in public places. Therefore, also as a tourist you have to cover your hair and you should do so from the moment you leave the airplane. Which means, when landing in Iran you should be wearing your head scarf (shawl). Maybe you find it strange at first but after a while you will get used to it. You can use a scarf or Shawl with a nice color. Once you’re in Iran you’ll see how colorful the scarves are and you’ll want to buy many, even to use for your neckline later. It is not necessarily cover all the hair completely, only cover the top of your head is enough. You can use the scarf with a pin or tie it loosely or Clamp the clip under the chin so that it does not slip.


According to the Islamic rules, women must cover all upper body, so make sure your shirt covers your chest completely and wear long sleeves. Instead of a coat you can also wear a wide, long tunic and blouses with long sleeves and bright colors.


Sandals are totally acceptable in Iran. A comfortable pair is always a good idea in spring and summer.

Tips for men

There are some requirements for men’s clothes as well.
In public, they are not allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops or bibs.

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