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    Jan 22, 2021• by veganhaven

    Explore El Cotillo Lagoons and Beaches

    We spent about half a day in El Cotillo while we were in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, and it sure is one of the ‘Top 10' places to visit there. The main thing – absolutely lovely white...

    Dec 11, 2020• by veganhaven

    A Guide to Ethical Dolphin Watching

    Wildlife watching experiences are top on the list of things to pursue for many who travel the world. Sadly, a lot of land and marine wildlife is threatened by human activities. Whether it's spotting...

    Sep 5, 2020• by ViajesAven

    Our Tenerife Itinerary

    When you propose to travel to places like the Canary Islands, in this case to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you know that a paradise destination awaits you, ideal to rest while having fun knowing its many...

    Aug 28, 2020• by Travelspiration

    Top Things to Do in Tenerife, Largest of The Eight Canary Islands

    Tenerife, among many years, has attracted many tourist’s attraction. Being the largest of the eight canary islands, it is the most visited place in the archipelago, almost over 5 million tourists...

    Aug 17, 2020• by GoEatMeetRepeat

    What Can You Do for 9 Days in Lanzarote - Canary Islands?

    Why not try a surf and yoga retreat in a warm, welcoming island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? This is how we decided to spend our Christmas holidays at one time. To escape the cold...

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