Safari in Cape Town

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      Jan 16, 2020• by MnKInternational

      One day budget Safari near Cape Town

      Visiting or experiencing Safari was my dream, very high on my bucket list and always on my mind. When we visited Cape Town South Africa couple years ago i was blown away and it was my first...

      Apr 4, 2021• by Thethoughtfultraveller

      The Penguins of Boulders Beach, Cape Town

      Penguins are possibly not the first thing you think of when talking about Cape Town but I love them and getting the chance to see them in the natural world and be up close was an opportunity I...

      Aug 22, 2020• by Travelspiration

      Cape Town, South Africa - A Rainbow Nation

      Cape Town is fondly referred to the Mother City in the diverse and beautiful country of South Africa. This city has a ton of attributes that is sure to create great memories. The city is an explosion...

      Jun 29, 2020• by SeaOneWorld

      Cape Town, Mother City

      Many affectionate nicknames define the South African city. Cape Town, The Mother City is probably the most popular one and makes the most sense. Also, there are several reasons behind it. Our...

      Jun 3, 2019• by TamlynAmber

      Solo Female Travel in Cape Town, South Africa

      Cape Town is arguably one of the most beautiful cities anywhere in the world. Blessed with stunning natural scenery (including the famous Table Mountain), world-class restaurants and accommodation...

      Nov 18, 2021• by wasatch

      The Ark, Treetops, and Aberdare National Park, Kenya

      Two of the most famous safari lodges, The Ark and Treetops, are near each other in the Aberdare Forest. Animal spotting in the dense forests on the slopes of 17,000 ft. Mt Kenya is very different...

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      Tanzania Safari in a Luxury Tented Camp

      $199 - $299 / 2 
      Serengeti, Tanzania

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      4 Days Taste of Serengeti

      From $1000 - $1590 / person
      Arusha, Tanzania
      4 days

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