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    Aug 8, 2019• by not_all_hippies

    Drinking water: India

    You should live by 1 rule when in India, if it isn't filtered it isn't safe! Whether you're in a 5 star restaurant or buying a bottle of water from a streetside store...always ask if it is filtered...

    Jan 20, 2019• by randrwander

    Staying Hydrated in Italy

    When my wife and I first started travelling, every dollar counted. We would avoid buying water as best we could and would pack our days worth of water wherever we went. However, when visiting Italy...

    Jul 21, 2018• by Rahul_Verma

    Travel tips You Can't Miss - Unprocessed Water

    I'm a travel blogger, that means I travel a lot. With my travel journey, I have learned a lot from my mistakes. And I absolutely do not want my fellow travellers to repeat those same mistakes! And...

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