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      Oct 14, 2021• by travelleerx

      Hike Mountains in St. Catherine (Jabal Mousa), Egypt

      Jabal Mousa is the most visited site in the Sinai interior, but most people don't realize how much more there is to it than its peak. Forming one massif with Jebel Safsafa, you find several...

      Apr 8, 2021• by TravelAlba

      Classical Full Day Cairo Itinerary, Visit the Most Important in Cairo

      Cairo – Or greater Cairo- most of people thinks that only Cairo is the capital of Egypt, although the capital of Egypt is greater Cairo that means (Cairo, Giza and a Small city north of Cairo...

      Jan 27, 2021• by redseatribe

      Learn to Dive in Dahab, Egypt

      If you want to find out but aren't quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, you can gain credit towards the PADI Open Water Diver or PADI Scuba Diver course, or carry on and...

      Nov 4, 2020• by queenonajourney

      11 of The Best Things to See and Do in Egypt

      For anyone interested in ancient history and culture, a visit to the country that houses some of the oldest, most notable examples of human civilization and engineering – which we still cannot...

      Aug 19, 2020• by wasatch

      Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor, Egypt

      Like Cairo's Mena House, the Winter Palace is a classic historic luxury hole the grand style. The grand hotels of Egypt is where the British elite vacationed during the dreary UK winter. And thinking...

      Jun 26, 2020• by thewandererpharaoh

      How to Visit Philae Temple in Aswan

      The Philae Temple Complex lies on Agilikia Island in Aswan south Egypt. It was a sacred temple for Ancient Egyptian and Nubians, because it was believed that it is one of the burying location if God...

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