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    Jul 19, 2019• by Courts_captures

    Visiting Fiji

    Wow! Fiji is absolutely stunning and so much to do and explore! My number one recommendation would be to go on a river cruise tour to a village. There's a small group of people and you all go...

    Dec 10, 2018• by Budget_Bucket_List

    5 tips of Travelling Fiji on a Budget

    Yes, you’ve been warned, haven’t you? Fiji is a place for the rich. The wealthy Aussies and Kiwis – or the ones that work all year round for that one luxurious holiday to come back to their...

    Sep 26, 2018• by Ani_Right

    10 Travel Tips for Fiji

    1. Before going to Fiji, decide for yourself: what would you prefer - dry heat or warm humidity. Rainy season in Fiji lasts from November through April. Prices during it lower, but you might face...

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