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    Dec 6, 2019• by Thecoupleinrow51

    Sunrise on Roys Peak: Is the Instagram hike worth waking up early?

    It’s 2:30 AM and the alarm on Simone her phone goes off. “It’s time to wake up.” she said. “We have to go”. It was a clear and dark night and millions of stars flickered in the night...

    Oct 31, 2019• by MarandtheWorld

    La Chorrera Waterfall, Bogota Day Trip

    Falling asleep in the slightly wild bus, or the backseat of a friend’s car is usually how I end my trips to La Chorrera Waterfall. It is not a difficult hike and can be completed in just a few...

    Jun 27, 2019• by HanneMaria

    Why Kashmir?

    I spent two months in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, this spring. I knew Kashmir was different comparing some other parts of India, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t know how much different and what...

    Mar 1, 2019• by TravelLightLaura

    Just Two More States

    So, why New Mexico? It’s one of the last three to complete my quest to visit all 50 states in the union. What’s missing: Washington State (because a Seattle-airport hop to Alaska does not count...

    Nov 28, 2018• by seagull_stories

    Best things to do in Marseille for nature lovers

    What is the most beautiful region in the world? At the moment, I would say the Mediterranean. The azure waters, the white rocky shores, numerous footprints left by ancient civilizations, and...

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    7 Days Machame Route Kilimanjaro Climb

    From $1815 - $2230 / person
    Moshi, Tanzania
    7 days

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