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Apr 11, 2019• by italymadeeasy

Shocking things you didn't know about Italy

Thousands of Internet sites exist which talk about Italy, not counting the publications which aim to illustrate, down to the smallest details, the beauties of this land, so rich in art, history, and...

Sep 4, 2018• by Passione_Italiana

Italian basic holiday phrases

Italian basic holiday phrases Buongiorno — Good morning Buona sera — Good evening Buona notte — Good night Ciao — Hi/Hello Grazie — Thank you Prego — You’re welcome Scusa — Excuse...

Aug 29, 2018• by learnitalian4travel

Foundations of Italian pronunciation

On the first day of Italian 1 this semester at Butte Community College, I asked my students why they were studying Italian because I'm always curious about their primary motivation before we begin. ...

Jul 15, 2018• by xim

Phrasebook: Basic Italian for travel

These are a few key words and expressions that have come in very handy while travelling. Try to learn these -or the ones that most apply to your situation- when visiting Italy. The locals will...

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