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    May 10, 2021• by BangkokCityExplorer

    Visiting Bangkok’s Famous Temple Wat Arun

    When you are visiting Bangkok, for sure you want to visit some famous tourist sights, one of it is the famous temple Wat Arun. Probably you have seen some of the beautiful photos, taking at sunset...

    Dec 5, 2020• by clairepinstravel

    How to Get from Taipei to Tamsui on The MRT

    If you are visiting Taipei for a few days, you are probably considering taking a day trip outside the city and Tamsui is the perfect destination for anyone travelling on a budget because you can...

    May 10, 2019• by marydesignedadventure

    Saving Money in Singapore

    Too often have I heard that people don't think they can go to Singapore because it costs too much money. While they are not wrong, Singapore can be costly, especially compared to it's neighboring SE...

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